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Should Rahul Gandhi accept RSS invitation if offered?

At a time when Congress is being constantly criticized for its alleged hatred for RSS, should Rahul Gandhi accept the invitation by RSS?


The Rashtriya Swayam Sevak Sangh in a table-turning event says it would send an invite to Congress President Rahul Gandhi to attend its event named ‘Bhavishya ka Bharat’ that is going to happen on 17th September to 19th September. It was just last week that Rahul Gandhi had likened the RSS to a terror group named Muslim Brotherhood which is a Sunni Islamist organization, saying that the Rashtra Swayam Sevak Sangh seems to be seeking to capture each and every institution that exists in the nation.

While making an address at the International Institute of Strategic Studies (IISS) in London, Rahul Gandhi said, “We are fighting an organisation called the RSS, which is trying to change the nature of India. There is no other organisation in India that wants to capture India’s institutions.” He had added: “What we are dealing with is a completely new idea. It is similar to the idea that exists in the Arab world in the form of the Muslim Brotherhood. And the idea is that an ideology should run through every institution, one idea should crush all other ideas.”

On the other hand, Arun Kumar, the RSS Evangelist stated, that the RSS will invite all the political parties for the conclave to be held from September 17-19. At a time when Congress is being constantly criticized for its alleged hatred for RSS, should Rahul Gandhi accept the invitation by RSS? HW News Brings you reactions from across party lines:


Shriraj Nair, VHP Spokesperson:


“In the past, Dr Pranab Mukherjee had also accepted such an invitation sent by the RSS. There have been many invitations till now made to various personalities. Rahul Gandhi should, first of all, understand what is RSS before being a critic of the Sangh or going on lambasting RSS across the world wherever he goes. He should understand the kind of work RSS is doing for decades together now. So he should understand them first. I think he should accept the invitation, in fact, attend daily Shakhas, in Delhi. They have a lot of Shakhas and he should be attending those on regular basis. He should know and learn what RSS and our great Bharat is all about.”


Sanjay Jha, AIPC state President:


“RSS has not sent any official invitation nor have they officially made any gesture of inviting Mr Rahul Gandhi so please put the speculation to rest at this conjuncture. We will speak on this only when an official invitation is sent to Mr Rahul Gandhi. However, as of now please do not speculate.”

Tushar Gandhi, Social Activist:


“Not at all. Every person who goes to the RSS headquarters, in a manner is endorsing or legitimating their fascist ideologies. This is a trick that they have been using. They have been inviting eminent personalities to their headquarters to either address them or to listen to them but their ultimate agenda is to claim that these people came pertaining to our invitation which means they believe that we are good people and these are their fascist methods to get acknowledgment and legitimizing themselves, which shouldn’t be the case. Even if they make any formal invitation, he should refuse.”

Kumar Ketkar, Rajyasabha MP:


“RSS is an extremely cunning and crooked organization, with twisted minds. RSS can do anything for promoting disinformation so one can never know if this is a part of their strategy. The news of the invitation may be a part of this promotional strategy that is all since no official announcement of this invitation has been confirmed yet.”


Al Nasser Zakaria, Congress Spokesperson:


“From the Pre-Independence era, RSS has a habit of giving lectures. It is said that ‘Practice What You Preach’. So what RSS is preaching in this country, are they themselves willing to practice it?  If yes, then the entire Congress Party may attend the lecture. The question arises if RSS is practising what they are preaching? In the name of religion, they are killing people. Is this what they will be preaching to Rahul Gandhi? Rahul Gandhi emphasizes on spreading love.  Rahul Gandhi has an open mind, he has been travelling all over India and is an avid listener. He is not a good speaker and he admits that but Mr Narendra Modi preaches of being a great orator and Mr Atal Bihari Vajpayee reminded him that after the Gujarat Riots in 2002 that you must imply to Raj Dharma and we all know who has been his guiding mentor.”

“As far as the invitation is concerned, it is for Rahul Gandhi to decide whether to accept the invitation or not, but as he has an open mind he will listen to what RSS wants to say because he is a good listener. Our only contention as a party is that they should practice what they preach. As far as his comment on Muslim Brotherhood is concerned, Muslim Brotherhood is a fraternity, it is a bond between brothers but in the name of Muslim and Islam, they cannot use extremist methods to achieve their goals. Whereas RSS is using extremist methods to propagate their religion, to spread ‘Hindutva’ and what Muslim brotherhood is preaching is not Islam as a religion so the comparison made by Rahul Gandhi is absolutely right. They both spread divisive ideology, they have a very faithful agenda. What RSS wants to create is a division between two communities. In India, we have something known as Ganga Jamuni Tehzeeb that RSS is trying to destroy.”
Shaan Illahi, Congress Spokesperson:

yogi adityanath

“If any official announcement is made also about the invitation one is not aware of the motives. When Mr Pranab Mukherjee had attended an event in the RSS headquarters a lot of things were speculated, it was also said that he was considering to join RSS and a whole lot of things. The country looks at RSS with a different point of view because we as people of the country are aware of their deeds, the picture has always been negative amongst the people. It is also known to people that a lot of religious organizations associated or rooted from RSS’s ideologies were many times associated with terrorism and creating a ruckus in the country making radical communal remarks, while on the other hand Rahul Gandhi is known as a person who brings every community together. The motive behind the invitation will only be known if Rahulji attends the event. In my opinion, not only Rahul Gandhi but any person from our party should restrain themselves from attending any such events as the motive is not known.”

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