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Rahul Gandhi says unemployment responsible for Mob Lynchings, do you agree?

While BJP has taken an offence to the statement, Rahul Gandhi has been constantly targeting the failure of Modi government on the employment front.


Congress President Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday while speaking at the at the Bucerius Summer School in Germany’s Hamburg claimed that the incidents of lynching in India were due to ‘anger’ emanating from joblessness and ‘destruction’ of small businesses due to demonetisation and the ‘poorly implemented’ GST by the ruling BJP.

Speaking about the current situation in India, Rahul Gandhi gave an example about the creation of ISIS to warn against a similar situation at home if people are excluded from the development process.”It is very dangerous in the 21st century to exclude people. If you don’t give people a vision in the 21st century somebody else will give them one,” said Gandhi.

Taking a dig at the implementation of economic policies by the BJP government, Gandhi said, “Couple of years back Prime Minister Narendra Modi ‘demonetised the Indian economy and destroyed the cash flow’ of all small and medium businesses rendering millions jobless”. They imposed a badly conceptualised GST which complicated lives further,” he added. He further claimed, “Large numbers of people who worked in small businesses were forced back to the villages and these three things that the government has done has made India angry. And that’s what you get to read in the newspapers. When you hear about lynchings when you hear about attacks on Dalits in India when you hear about attacks on minorities in India, that’s the reason for it,” said Gandhi while comparing the increasing events of Mob lynching with rising unemployment back in India.

Alleging the current government of sidelining the welfare schemes of UPA government, Gandhi said, “Welfare measures of the previous UPA government — such as the right to food and the right to guaranteed employment — had been weakened and the money going into these schemes is going into the hands of very few people, the largest corporates in the country”.

While BJP has taken an offence to the statement, Rahul Gandhi has been constantly targeting the failure of Modi government on the employment front. HW News brings you reactions from across party lines:

Kumar Ketkar, Rajyasabha MP:


“Rahul Gandhi is absolutely right but he never said that all unemployed youths are immature and irresponsible to simply join mobs trying to lynch people or ISIS. Unemployment is creating a problem of lumpenization and when it takes place, such tendencies like violent gang wars or lynchings or formation of terrorist groups takes place and therefore it is necessary to fight the basic issue of unemployment. He did not say that all unemployed people are joining those gangs(ISIS) because a lot of people who are working for these terrorist groups are employed, professionals and Rahul Gandhi himself knows that the question is if these unemployed youths are so immature and irresponsible to take such a step towards joining these groups then every year there are going to be around 2 crore people who will be joining such terror groups. Rahul Gandhi was trying to underline the issue of unemployment and larger is the number greater is the tendency to join failing prey to such misdeeds is what he meant. The statement is, however, being deliberately twisted by the BJP people as if he has done a grave mistake and spoken against India which is completely nonsensical.”

Madhav Bhandari, BJP Spokesperson:


“Today’s unemployment issue and accumulation of unemployment is a consequence of faulty policies adopted by the UPA government in the last 10 years, they have hurt the progress of the infrastructural development and because of which a lot of people lost their jobs, the economy was shattered and for the last 2 to 3 years our government is trying its best to bring back the economy on track. Presently the industrial growth rate is around 6%, the industry has picked up momentum and now the process of employment generation is elevating at a fast pace. If Rahul Gandhi is talking about unemployment, then he has to answer to the damages done by the earlier government’s policies and why did they as a party failed to generate jobs to decrease the unemployment rate because it is they who are responsible for it. Joining ISIS is altogether a different matter, we have to understand that all unemployed youth are not joining ISIS and they joining these terrorist groups has no relation with whether they are employed or not.”

Ashok Chavan, MPCC President:

Ashok Chavan

“I do agree that this is a factual evidence that no jobs and economic situations ultimately push people to join such terror groups and engaging into malpractices and lynchings. I stand by his comment because his views are the parties views.”

Shehzad Poonawala, political analyst:

Dalai Lama

“Rahul Gandhi in Hamburg said that ISIS is a creation of joblessness shows his intellectual capacity to understand the phenomenon of terrorism and how a perversion of the Islam is actually resulting in the spread of the terror in the name of Islam is responsible doesn’t surprise me. What surprises me the most that a person who wants to become the future Prime Minister of India, what is the solution for fighting terror is offering jobs? So if he becomes the next Prime Minister will he tell Hafiz Saeed that please come we will provide you with a job for you to leave the terrorist group? Does he mean to say that Afzal Guru, Burhan Wani, Osama Bin Laden who were billionaires took to terrorism because they were jobless? Or is he trying to say that terrorism is being done to create better GDP that is the intellectual deficiency that Rahul Gandhi has?”

“As far as jobs and lynchings are concerned, I would like to ask Rahul Gandhi that the lynchings that took place all over India are because of joblessness created by Indira Gandhi and joblessness created by Rajiv Gandhi? Is that the answer to the lynchings of innocent people that took place in 1984? The Congress has been responsible for major riots and lynchings in this country whether it is the Ashapora, Bhagalpur or Mumbai riots, so during these times because Congress failed to provide jobs these atrocities and lynchings took place? Lynchings have been happening at a larger pace of time since 60 years now. I think Rahul Gandhi should think certain things through and sometimes his simplistic reductionist conclusions targeting the Indian Government and the Prime Minister on foreign soil makes him look immature leader and he certainly is not ready to lead India in 2019.”

Ghanshyam Tiwary, Samajwadi Party Spokesperson:

Rahul Gandhi

“I believe that there is a large-scale unemployment in the country and the youth of the country are being misled by ideologies that do not deliver in improving their quality of life and giving them a purpose but at the same time the phenomenon like ISIS  is foreign to the country and there is no chance that such hate and terror based organizations will find any resonance in India  because the experience of growing up in India teaches one tolerance, mutual respect and love for the nation so unemployment is a massive challenge and crisis that has been accelerated and amplified that the current government is facing, however, there is no reason to link it with terror groups.”

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