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Is Sangli-Jalgaon win an indication of wave in favor of BJP?

While the opposition is relying on the anti-incumbency against the BJP government, is Sangli-Jalgaon win an indication of a wave in favour of BJP?


The BJP’s win in the municipal elections of Sangli by giving a major defeat to the Congress-NCP alliance, held on 1st August comes in the middle of the agitation by the Maratha community for reservation in education and government jobs. This win is being perceived to be spelling relief for Devendra Fadnavis, the Chief Minister of Maharashtra who seems to be under the pressure of handling the uproar.

The Bhartiya Janata Party which is an ally of the Shiv Sena both at the Centre and in the state won 57 of the 75 seats in the Jalgaon Municipal Corporation (JMC) as per the results declared by the State Election Commission.

On the other hand, the Congress in Jalgaon failed opening its account for a second time at a stretch. The BJP, for that matter, registered a flamboyant win in Sangli-Miraj-Kupwad Municipal Corporation, winning a good 41 seats in the House of 78 members thus throwing Congress completely out of power.

While the opposition is relying on the Anti-incumbency against the BJP government, Is Sangli-Jalgaon win an indication of a wave in favor of BJP? HW News brings you reactions from across the party lines.

Madhav Bhandari, BJP Spokesperson:


“Right from 2014 assembly elections we have emerged victorious and in the recent civic poll has made it evident and we have been winning all the elections in the country right from corporation to Gram Panchayats and Nagar Palikas so the people of Maharashtra, the voters especially, they are with us and the recent victory in Sangli and Jalgaon also confirms the fact that people have been loyal to us and will remain loyal in the future.”

Nawab Malik, NCP Spokesperson:


“The recent civic polls held at Sangli & Jalgaon were totally managed malpractice, the entire voter list was tampered prior to the civic polls. The names included in the voter’s list were not in the scope of the municipal corporation. A lot of Money was put in to meddle the electoral machines, a lot of money has been spent, the results that came out is manipulated one, right from creating the voter’s list to the results that were declared. The sitting government has used all its strength, muscle power & money power & everything else that they could to interfere in the recent civic polls held in Sangli-Jalgaon.”

“The polls were entirely rigged even the people those who were handling the election booth. This is a clear portrayal of power and money. The people were in fact imported from different regions around the poll-bound Sangli- Jalgaon and by offering a lump sum of money to support. This mere civic poll, in my opinion, is not going to impact the upcoming 2019 general elections.”


Sachin Sawant, Congress Spokesperson:

Congress does not really acknowledge that there exists any BJP wave as such, as far as Jalgaon is concerned the opposition was non-existent there. Jalgaon has been their fort for a long time. if we analyze, there has not been a prominent distance as far as representation is concerned. It is not very surprising to see them win the civic polls as far as Jalgaon is concerned and if we look at Sangli, BJP has employed a strategy, where they have used money power and even tried enforcing power on other opposing parties, out of 78 seats around 29 were representatives from other parties and around 11 Corporators had joined BJP in the month of June this year. So there was an evident depression in the opposition party that was visible in June itself. the voting pattern did not change considerably; we don’t see any wave of BJP in the state or in the country till date.”

“We have won a considerable amount of seats and the three seats we lost was a direct contest between Congress and NCP, otherwise we could have been in power. It is known that BJP has put in a lot of money to give candidates from many constituencies. We certainly would like to improve our representation in the respective places. It was our first attempt to come together for both the NCP and Congress which was not so smooth. There definitely is a possible chance of vigilance, we are looking forward to a possible conversation with NCP to work on the relationship and on a prominent representation.”


Gajanan Kirtikar, Shiv Sena MP:


“This instance should not be mistaken as any clear indication of the upcoming election related to the overall mandate of the state or the Centre. This election was for a local self-governance. the individual factors, in fact, are working more effectively than that of the State or a National issue so we cannot just assume or judge that it is a representation of the mandate in favor of BJP or against the Congress or for that matter of fact against Shiv Sena at this juncture.”

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