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Was the Bharat Bandh by opposition parties successful?

Has the Bharat Bandh achieved its objective? Was the Bharat Bandh successful? HW News brings you reactions from across party lines: 


A number of opposition parties joined hands to launch a nation-wide protest against the rising fuel prices. Parties including Samajwadi party, Rashtriya Janata Dal, Trinamool Congress, Nationalist Congress Party, Rashtriya Lok Dal and even Maharashtra Navanirman Sena have supported the call for Bharat Bandh made by Congress. However, Aam Aadmi Party and Odisha’s Biju Janata Dal have stayed out of the opposition parties joining the Bharat Bandh. Shivsena, BJP’s ally in the center and state has expressed strong protest against the rising fuel prices, however, it has refused to join the protest too.

Bharat Bandh

The Bharat Bandh called by the opposition received a mixed response from the public. While most of the shops remained shut in various parts of the country, many schools, colleges, and offices remained unaffected. On the other hand, this Bandh was used as a pressure-tactic on the Modi government.

Has the Bharat Bandh achieved its objective? Was the Bharat Bandh successful? HW News brings you reactions from across party lines:

Ashok Chavan, Maharashtra Congress President:

Ashok Chavan

“Yes, it was. It was a success all over the country. There is no political will for the government to do this. In Rajasthan, this can happen as the elections are around the corner. Why can’t this happen in Maharashtra are we waiting for elections and that is the time the government will do it. If Rajasthan can do it to cut down the fuel prices then our demand is to just include it under GST. If it included under GST then the prices will drastically come down. There is a high excise duty on Petrol, Diesel and other products. At the same time, the state government has levied a lot of taxes that have led to the hike. The International Crude and Petroleum prices are actually much lower than what it was in UPA regime. They need to give justification as to why they are doing this. The government is exporting Petrol to foreign countries at a mere price of Rs.35 a liter. So, the government is exporting it cheaper. If Rajasthan government can do it then why not Maharashtra? Why not include it in GST?”

Sunil Tatkare, NCP National General Secretary:

bharat bandh

“Yes, it was a successful one. We can’t say that it was a grand success but it was a successful one. What the people of India feel about the overall functioning of the Indian government is fueled with anger. This inflammation has taken so much place in this case with the growing prices of Petrol, Diesel, and gas cylinders among other things aggravated them to express their feeling about the government on roads yesterday. The government is refusing to take up this issue, we can’t do anything which is not a proper answer from the government that people are expecting.”

Bhai Jagtap, Mumbai Congress Vice President:


“It was quite successful. I won’t say that it was 100% successful but the kind of response given by the common people, the kind of response given by even the business community, the kind of response given by all segment of the society is tremendous. Mumbai in particular whereby the people were trying their level best to create a perception that the Bandh has failed, they themselves have fallen flat on their faces. It was a success throughout the country. The people have shown their anger against the sitting government, against the Petrol price hike. Because of which of their livelihood was affected. They have shown their anger towards the growing inflation. I think It was quite successful.”

D Raja, CPI MP:


“It was a successful one. People came on the streets. The protest took place across the country. the situation was atrocious across the nation. The railways, roadways was obstructed. There were hartals, demonstrations, and protest. It was a convergence of people’s protest. People could express their anger, express their concerns and expose the failure of the Modi government. The whole protest was organized against the unprecedented fuel price hike, which has a cascading impact on the prices of all other commodities. People are passing through hardships, misery, and sufferings. The government was insensitive to this matter by not intervening in the situation. So the protest was organized. In different forms, people came out and expressed their views through the protest. The leftists took a call to organize a countrywide protest. We were all together. we were detained by police for some time in Delhi. The protest was to bring out such issue to the notice of the government. If the government is in denial mode than the people themselves will deny BJP and help defeat BJP in the upcoming 2019 General Elections.”

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