Will BJP build Ram janmabhoomi temple before 2019?


Will BJP as promised in its 2014 election manifesto, build the Ram Janmabhoomi temple before the 2019 elections?

The Supreme Court on Thursday refused to reexamine its ‘1994 Ismail Farooqui’ verdict which stated that ‘Namaz at Mosque is not integral to Islam’.

The 3 judge bench headed by CJI Deepak Misra in its 2:1 verdict said the observations in paragraph 52 of the 1994 Ismail Faruqi judgment, that mosque was not an integral part of Islam, have to be understood in the context of land acquisition proceedings. The bench also refused to refer the case to a larger bench of the Supreme Court.

Disagreeing with CJI Misra and Justice Bhusan, Justice S Abdul Nazeer in his judgment said whether the mosque is integral to Islam has to be decided considering belief of religion and it requires detailed consideration. Referring to the recent Supreme Court order on female genital mutilation Justice Nazeer said the present matter to be heard by a larger bench. “All religions, all mosques, and temples churches are equal. We have already noticed all religious places are liable to be acquired as per 1994 verdict,” the bench added.

The Bench further added that the civil suit on the Ayodhya land dispute will be heard by a newly constituted three-judge bench on October 29. As the Ram Janmabhoomi issue has turned out to be a political one over the years, will the proceeding and timing of the case have any impact on the 2019 elections? Will BJP as promised in its 2014 election manifesto, build the Ram Janmabhoomi temple before the 2019 elections? HW News brings you reactions from across political parties:

Sachin Sawant, Congress spokesperson:

Triple talaq

“There is no doubt that BJP wants to use this Ram Janmabhoomi issue for political gains. They have continued to use the issue for political purpose. This issue is a political one to polarize the people of the country. It would not be surprising if they politicize it again because they do not have anything else to talk about. They failed as a government. The kind of work they have done in the past 4 years is evident. They failed on every ground miserably. As far as the Supreme court verdict is concerned, it’s a matter that has been subjugated. We as a party would not like to comment on the outcome of the verdict. They have been sloganeering all over India that we surely will build Ram Mandir but we will not disclose the date(Hum Ram Janmabhoomi Banyengay, Par Tarikh Nai Batayengay). During the time of elections only they bring up the issue of Ram Janmabhoomi and forget about its own failing policies and its implementation. In my opinion, they will keep bringing the issue as long as they are gaining political favors.”

Fauzia Khan, Women’s wing president, NCP:


“I don’t find any political hurdle for BJP to not build the temple or Ram Janmabhomi. Everyone has to obey the verdict that comes. So when BJP said that it will build Ram temple then it must. When an issue like such is so much of importance for their own survival then they will in coming time. I suppose they will go ahead with this decision to build the temple.”
Sandip Deshpanday, MNS Spokesperson:


“They have been politicizing the issue since 1988. They are again striking to do the same thing before the 2019 elections. They came into the power in the name of development but failed to keep its promises. Where is development? We don’t see any such thing happening since the time BJP has come into power.”

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