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IndiaReacts | Another girl gangraped. Are women safe in India?

After the Nirbhaya rape case, stringent laws have been brought in but the police’s role is very important. If they are not registering any FIR means they are not doing their duty. Many times their role is very suspicious. They many times have stride with the culprits. In the male-dominated society, they feel that every woman who comes to the police station is themselves suspicious or have some other motive in mind. that is a prominent reason why they look at women in a certain way, this is a major problem with our police. If the FIR is not registered then what can be expected from the police. then people are forced to fetch some other help or go to court themselves to register a complain but in this case, it again comes to the police. the court directs the police to take the FIR because of public pressure. All these news comes in the newspaper for a few days and the saga continues ultimately the public forgets. It is only up to the media or NGO’S to look into the matter and follow up, whether a case has been registered or not. The police play a very important role and if the police do not portray their role then action needs to be taken against them Because they are the law implementing agency. if they are not doing their work then they are highly gender insensitive. they always take sides of the culprits. We have seen some cases where the police are bribed to keep their mouths shut and to tie their hands, which has come out in the open so many times. I would entirely blame the police for not doing their work and coming under political pressure many times.

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