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Will Kanhaiya Kumar prove to be the right choice of the Mahagathbandhan?

Arti Ghargi



kanhaiya kumar

Is Kanhaiya Kumar the right choice of the Mahagathbandhan? HW News brings you reactions from across the party lines


Former Jawaharlal Nehru University Student Union (JNUSU) president Kanhaiya Kumar is ready to contest the upcoming Lok Sabha election in 2019 from Bihar.

According to Sources, Kumar who is currently a National Council member of Communist Party of India will be contesting the upcoming parliamentary election from Bihar’s Begusarai constituency on the ticket of CPI.  Kumar who was arrested by the Delhi police in February 2016 for his alleged role in chanting anti-national slogans in JNU premises will be a common candidate of the united opposition or Mahagatbandan between Congress, RJD, NCP, Jitan Ram Manjhi-led HAM(S), Sharad Yadav’s  Loktantrik Janta Dal and Left parties.

Speaking to media on the nomination of Kumar, CPI leader Satya Narayan Singh said, “All Left leaders from Bihar to Delhi are in favour of his candidature from Begusarai in the 2019 Lok Sabha election”. “An in-principle understanding has been arrived at between all opposition parties in this regard,” he added.

He further said, “In principle, the RJD chief Lalu Yadav has agreed to field Kanhaiya as the joint opposition candidate from Begusarai. However, an official decision has not been taken so far.” Kanhaiya Kumar is a native of the Barauni block of the Begusarai district.

Though Kanhaiya Kumar has been active in student politics, it will be his debut in the mainstream politics. Considering the crucial seat, is Kanhaiya Kumar the right choice of the Mahagathbandhan? HW News brings you reactions from across the party lines:

Vishwajeet Kumar, General Secretary, AISF:


“On behalf of AISF, we also urged the party to encourage and promote the youth students in the communist movement. We have made the demand in front of the party but the party has not yet decided anything officially. Kanhaiya is the face of the student movement in the country, so he should get the ticket. We have demanded this. In our party, a name is proposed from the ground level i.e. the District Committee Constitutions level, this democratic process is followed in our party. Kanhaiya’s name will also be sent in the same way, after which it will be discussed by the party.”

Seshadri Chari, Political Analyst and TV Panelist:


“Kanhaiya Kumar has a background from JNU. Even when he was a Student Leader, he shot to prominence by criticising Modi Government. He has always been supported by the Leftist even at that time. It is little wonder that the Communist Party of India is offering him a ticket because in a way even as a student he was a Leftist. I would not be surprised if he was even a member of the Communist Party at that time. Therefore, the whole idea of projecting Kanhaiya Kumar as a Students’ Leader was to project him as future Leader, So, we know where he comes from but as far as politics is concerned he is free to join any political party of his choice but the fact is he was planted. He was not a natural leader, he was planted as a student and shot into prominence. This is how the Educational Institutions are being misused by political parties especially the left Party as far as JNU is concerned.”

Madhav Bhandari, BJP Spokesperson:


“CPI has a long history from 1962. They have always pictured elements which are betraying the nation, which is directed towards betraying the nation. That is why CPI is going to fill Kanhaiya Kumar. They are actually living up to their history from 1962. People will decide whether it is a right choice or not, ultimately it’s their choice.”

Anand Sharma, CWC member:


“I can’t comment on this matter, because I belong to the Congress Party. It will be speculative and irresponsible for my party to say anything about this.”

India Reacts

Should MJ Akbar step down as a minister following sexual harassment allegation?

Arti Ghargi



MJ Akbar

In the lights of these allegations, should MJ Akbar step down as a minister? HW News brings you reactions from across the people.


India’s #MeToo movement that started with Tanushree Dutta breaking her silence on workplace harassment on the sets of the film ‘Horn Ok Please’ at the hands of actor Nana Patekar, has hit the Indian politics and media too.

In a slew of accounts that came out as a part of #MeToo movement recounted some horrifying incidents where women were sexually harassed at the workplace. While women in media have named a number of male journalists/media persons breaking their silence, scores of women have named journalist turned politician and now MoS External Affairs in the Modi government-MJ Akbar as a sexual predator.

As many as 9 women from different media organization have accused MJ Akbar of sexual harassment. These survivors’ accounts paint a stomach-churning pattern to his sexual abuse – set up job interviews with aspiring women journalists in hotel rooms, repeatedly call them to his office cabin for meaningless conversation and chatter, entice them with major stories, send them out of the workplace and meet them at a hotel at odd hours.

In the lights of these allegations, should MJ Akbar step down as a minister? HW News brings you reactions from across the people:

Nilanjan Mukhopadhyay, Journalist:




“He should absolutely step down from the post. This casts a big shadow on the Modi government which boasts of campaigns like “Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao”. The women’s accounts need to be heard.”


Seshadri Chari, BJP NEC:


“The allegations made against the MoS for External Affairs Mr MJ Akbar are of very serious nature. So going by these allegations and given the fact that Narendra Modi govt is seriously engaged in maintaining the decorum and dignity of the government, it would be in the best interest of the govt that Mr MJ Akbar should consider demitting office. The fact that allegations have been made but so far no serious charge has been framed nor any FIR been filed officially, these all the facts on the sideline. So it will take a long time for the allegations to be taken to the court of law and it will take even more time to prove. but irrespective of that the govt needs to maintain its standards of high probity and therefore in the best interest of the government and the situation,I think Mr MJ Akbar owes an explanation and subsequently it will be right on his part if he thinks he should step down and allow the matter to take a logical course.”


Nawab Malik, NCP Spokesperson:

Atal Bihari Vajpayee

“Those who have accused, should go to the authorities and file a lawsuit. The allegations should be taken seriously and examined. If there are so many allegations, the minister resigns. If such allegations seem to be taking place, then they should resign while taking moral responsibility. Take action by filing a lawsuit, it is our demand.”

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India Reacts

#FuelPriceCut: Is ₹ 2.50 cut in fuel price enough?

Arti Ghargi



₹ 2.50

With the petrol prices already breaching the ₹ 90-mark in various cities, is ₹ 2.50 cut in fuel price by the central government enough?


Finance Minister Arun Jaitley on Thursday announced that the central government will reduce the excise duty on fuel prices by 1.50 rupees.

Addressing a press conference, Arun Jaitley announced that the Union government will reduce the excise duty by Rs.1.50 while the Oil manufacturing Companies will also absorb a reduction of 1 rupee.” The announcement of the Finance minister will lead the rising fuel prices in the country to decrease by 2.50 rupees.

The Union Finance minister further added that the Union government will be writing to the state government to also reduce the VAT on the fuel prices similar to the central governments. Arun Jaitley further informed that cut in excise duty will be applicable immediately.

Petrol on Thursday was being sold at Rs 84 per litre in Delhi while diesel is being sold at Rs 75.45 per liter. In Mumbai on Thursday petrol is being sold at Rs 91.34 per liter and diesel at Rs 80.10 per liter.

With the petrol prices already breaching the ₹ 90-mark in various cities, is ₹ 2.50 cut in fuel price by the central govt. enough? HW News brings you reactions from across the political parties:


Sachin Sawant, Congress Spokesperson:

Triple talaq


“First burden people with tons of weight, then remove few grams and start patting own backs claiming concern about people. This is BJP’s strategy. The government should answer why have they kept RS 9 drought cess even when there is no drought for 3 years? Why only petrol and not diesel? The government should put petrol and diesel under GST.”


Nawab Malik, NCP Spokesperson:


“The government has taken the decision of reducing the price of petrol and diesel by ₹ 2.50. It is nothing but misleading the people. During the UPA government, the excise duty on petrol was ₹ 9. This government increased it to ₹ 19.48. The excise duty on fuel was increased from ₹ 3 to ₹15.33. We challenge the BJP government, if it is serious about giving the people relief then it should implement the UPA-era excise duty on fuel again.”


Sambit Patra, BJP Spokesperson:


“The Modi government is fully sensitive towards the problem of rising petrol and diesel prices. The government cares for Common man and thus has reduced up to ₹5 on Petrol and Diesel. Even the BJP-ruled states are now cutting down on the prices. The Prime Minister himself is monitoring the situation.”


Sanjay Singh, Rajya Sabha MP, AAP:

fuel price


“It is good that the government decided to reduce the fuel prices by ₹2.50. But Mr. Jaitley should first clarify that from tomorrow the prices won’t again rise by 10 paise, 25 paise, 45 paise, and 50 paise etc.  It shouldn’t be like “Chaar din ki Chandani aur fir andheri raat”. In the last four years, the Modi government has increased 443% tax on diesel and 213% tax on petrol. Now that elections are around the corner in three states, the government is cutting on the taxes. A similar thing also happened during Gujarat elections as well.”

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India Reacts

Is the Modi government Anti-farmer?

Arti Ghargi




With the farmers’ protest growing across the country and farm distress reaching new heights, should the Modi government review its farm policies?

A massive protest march by farmers from Uttar Pradesh to Delhi with a charter of 15 demands including loan waiver and fair prices for crops turned violent at the border on Tuesday, with police using water cannons and tear gas to disperse them.

Led by the Bharatiya Kisan Union (BKU), thousands of farmers on their way to Kisan Ghat in the national capital were stopped at the Delhi border by the police. The farmers then tried to forcibly break barricades and defy prohibitory orders. Prohibitory orders banning the assembly of five or more persons have been clamped in several areas near the Delhi-Uttar Pradesh border and will continue till October 8. The police even lathicharged and unleashed water cannons on the protesting farmers after they tried to evade the barricades.

The farmers’ demands include complete loan waiver, revoking the ban on 10-year-old tractors in the National Capital Region, reduction in electricity tariff, implementation of the recommendations of the M.S. Swaminathan Commission on remunerative prices and payment of sugarcane arrears among others. The police crackdown was denounced by opposition parties.

With the farmer’s protest growing across the country and farm distress reaching new heights, should the Modi govt. review its farm policies? or Is the Modi government Anti-farmer? HW News brings you reactions from across political parties:

Ashok Gehlot, AICC General Secretary:

Ashok Gehlot

“The BJP government says they will celebrate the 150th “Gandhi Jayanti” in a grand way throughout the year. Mahatma Gandhi was an advocate of Non-Violence and the entire world on 2nd October celebrated the International Non-violence Day. But this government destroyed the idea of non-violence day. Be it UP or Delhi, wherever the lathicharge has happened, I strongly condemn it. They could have talked to farmers, have had a dialogue with them but instead, they brutally unleashed violence on them.”

Raju Shetty, Lok Sabha MP:

“The farmers were going to ask for justice and their rights in Delhi. They were not going to attack. They are not terrorists. Who gave them the right to stop farmers? Everyone has the right to go to the capital. The Mahatma who taught non-violence to the entire world placed his demands in front of the government in a non-violent manner presented an example. These people who come to power in the name of Mahatma ji, who have come to power on the birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, throw stones on farmers, shed pellets, they should be ashamed. I strongly condemn it. Its response will come from the entire country and the farmers.”

Nawab Malik, NCP Spokesperson:


“The farmers wanted to go to Rajghat in Delhi. Farmers were Indian citizens, what big storm came upon them when they went there. The real face of BJP came out when lathi charge was done on the farmers, the tear gas shells were pressed. It was the birth anniversary of the leader who gave us the slogan Jai Jawan Jai Kisan, It is the birth anniversary of the leader who gave us a message of non-violence and the Modi government is unleashing violence on farmer on the same day. Modiji is only giving the slogan “Mar Jawan, Mar Kisan”. We feel that the real face of BJP has come in front of people. Anti-farmer mentality, oppressive mentality is exposed.”

D Raja, Rajya Sabha MP, CPI:


“Government just make tall claims. Mr. Modi talks about doubling the income of the farmers, Mr. Modi talks about the increasing the MSP, Mr. Modi claims his govt. is “Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikaas”. But farmers are in an unprecedented distress and debt. They are committing suicides across the country and are protesting and agitating. Farmers even marched from Nashik to Mumbai. Everyone knows Mr. Fadnavis gave them a lot of assurances. Finally, nothing happened. Now, farmers marched from Varanasi to Delhi. Delhi is the capital of the country and they must have allowed the farmers to come to Delhi where our parliament is situated. They should have allowed them to express their grievances.”

“They must have been allowed to protest. So that the government understands their grievances. This government is so insensitive that they did not allow them to enter the national capital. It is atrocious how they used the might of the police and other security forces to unleash violence on the farmers. What happened yesterday was nothing but state-sponsored violence against farmers. That could have been avoided. The protest is a form of democracy and farmers wanted to come to Delhi and express their grievances. Why they were not allowed? And the police is under Home Ministry, the violence happened under the nose of Home Ministry and the government. We strongly condemned the violence unleashed against the farmers.”

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