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Another girl raped in Haryana. Are women safe in India?


With rape incidents on an increase, are women safe in India? HW News brings you reactions from women politicians in the country.


A 19-year-old student was allegedly gang-raped in Haryana while she was headed for her coaching classes in Mahendragarh district. Police say three-four people were involved in this. The woman had been awarded by the President of India for her excellent academic performance during her school days.

It is believed that the accused kidnapped her while she was headed for her coaching classes in Kanina town of Mahendragarh district. She was also served a drink laced with sedatives.

The woman was kidnapped on Wednesday evening. The accused took her to a secluded place where she was gang-raped after intoxicating her with sedatives. She was then left near a local bus stop.

The police have filed an FIR against three people in this case and have said that the matter is being probed. The mother of the victim while talking to media has criticised the failure of government in protecting the women and even asked PM Modi about the “Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao” scheme.

With such incidents on an increase, are women safe in India? HW News brings you reactions from women politicians in the country.

Priti Sharma Menon, AAP Spokesperson:


“We have to understand that the state police reports to the State Home Minister. The behavior of the state police completely depends on the attitude of the home minister. In this country in almost all BJP ruled states, we have seen shocking incidents of rape. The police inaction has made the whole case worse. This happens because BJP government is not serious on the implementation of any such supposed laws that were passed after the Nirbhaya Rape case. They have failed to keep their promises, be it delivering justice in six months or giving immediate redressal to the complainant at the police station. Never have they taken these matters seriously because there is absolutely no respect for women in this regime. Even this very day a self-proclaimed Godman has been accused of rape. The culture that is being masked as religion is actually a culture of rape and subversion of women. There is also a case in Chhattisgarh where a boy committed suicide because his girlfriend was raped and for days his relatives were clueless of the real reason behind such an extreme step, until the girl who was raped came out and narrated the horrifying incident when they both were attacked and she was raped in front of the boy. This is destroying our children every day. But in this government, there is no will to help women or children. Amidst such ruthless incidents, one of the most astonishing comment comes from a BJP MLA Ram Kadam is ‘Hum Beti Bhagaengay Beti Bachaengay Nahin’.”

Shaina NC, BJP Spokesperson:

ram kadam

“We collectively as a society need to work towards having a collective consciousness which is to ensure that perpetrators of crime do not get away scot-free. We need to teach our boys at home to respect women so we don’t have this kind of atrocities in our society. Firstly, we have to ensure that there is some kind of social movement. Wherein we must talk about respecting women and atrocities faced by them. If we are able to do that then in my opinion, we will be in a position to bring about some kind of a thought process wherein women are not objectified or view as an item or commodity. They should be viewed from a larger perspective as somebody who resembles Goddess Durga, Lakshmi or Saraswati to worship and not an object to satisfy one’s lust. For such heinous crimes, we will ensure perpetrators are put to task. We need to make sure that there is fear of law change in mindset and more importantly, respect women at every stratum.”

Vidya Chavan, NCP Spokesperson:


“This is a very disturbing incident that has happened. After the Nirbhaya rape case, there was Verma commission also formed which formulated stringent laws to protect women but police failed to implement these laws and there is no proper system followed by them. This is not the first case where such heinous crimes have been happening in the country. What had happened in Kathua and Unnao and the recent comment made by BJP MLA Ram Kadam who said he will help elope a girl is insensitive and unacceptable. This is a conspiracy against women in the country. It is shameful that such an incident has happened in Haryana and it is even more shameful that the police refused to lodge any complaint against the accused and no action was taken for the longest time. Right from its campaigning phase, the BJP government has been trumpeting that there is going to be stringent laws to protect women and sloganeering to save daughters and educate them (Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao) but they have created a situation where our daughters are not safe. Who is responsible for such atrocious situations? Is it not the responsibility of the Modi government to protect women?. Things that are happening in the country are wrong and unacceptable. When you say that we will hang the rapists, shouldn’t you also make sure that the system works in accordance with such claims, shouldn’t police themselves co-operate too? Right from the medical examination to the sections that are to be charged is the responsibility of the police. There should be immediate action. If the police themselves ignore such heinous crimes then how do you think there will be any implementation of such laws? It is the Modi government’s responsibility to take care of this. We as women and our daughters feel unsafe in the country, the crime rate against women should decrease whereas it is increasing. Fast track actions are not being taken such against the criminals. The police should look into this matter and act vigilantly but we also know that there is a pressure from the government on them which is unacceptable. Whoever is responsible for such crimes should be punished irrespective of which party they belong to.”

Manisha Kayande, Shivsena Spokesperson:

section 377

“After the Nirbhaya rape case, stringent laws have been brought in but the police’s role is very important. If they are not registering any FIR, means they are not doing their duty. Many times their role is very suspicious. They many times have strode with the culprits. In the male-dominated society, they feel that every woman who comes to the police station is herself suspicious or has some other motive in mind. That is a prominent reason why they look at women in a certain way, this is a major problem with our police. If the FIR is not registered then what can be expected from the police. Then people are forced to fetch some other help or go to court themselves to register a complain but in this case, it again comes to the police. The court directs the police to take the FIR because of public pressure. All these news come in the newspaper for a few days and the saga continues and ultimately the public forgets. It is only up to the media or NGOs to look into the matter and follow up, whether a case has been registered or not. The police play a very important role and if the police do not portray their role then action needs to be taken against them because they are the law-implementing agency. If they are not doing their work then they are highly gender insensitive. They always take side of the culprits. We have seen some cases where the police are bribed to keep their mouths shut and to tie their hands, which has come out in the open so many times. I would entirely blame the police for not doing their work and coming under political pressure many times.”

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