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“Surgical Strike Day”: Display of patriotism or Political move?

surgical strike

What is the aim of “Surgical Strike Day” exactly? Is UGC notification a move inspired by patriotism or is it politically motivated?


On Thursday, the University Grants Commission (UGC) issued a notice to all the universities in the country asking to celebrate September 29th as ‘Surgical Strike Day’.  The Modi government wants to celebrate the day in remembrance of the Surgical Strike conducted by Indian Army after the attacks of Uri. However, as several opposition parties called the move politically motivated, HRD minister Prakash Javdekar issued a clarification. He said that the decision was motivated by patriotism and is not politically motivated. He further said, “We have not done any compulsion on institutions or students. We have released the program after suggestions of many students and teachers needing to celebrate the second anniversary of the surgical strike.”

UGC notification

On the other hand, while responding to the instructions of the UGC, JNU Vice-Chancellor M Jagadesh Kumar said that we will celebrate Surgical Strike Day in JNU. He further said that JNU is very close to the defense forces.

What is the aim of “Surgical Strike Day” exactly? Is UGC notification a move inspired by patriotism or is it politically motivated? HW News brings you reactions from across party lines:

Madhav Bhandari, BJP Spokesperson:


“First of all, earlier surgical strikes which are claimed now, they were not made public at that time and even military officials of that time, they are also saying that those were not surgical strikes, so those surgical strikes are controversial. Secondly, this surgical strike was a big activity, it was a big strike, it was successful and it has been held everywhere in the world. Government is saying to maintain that stay.”

Nawab Malik, NCP Spokesperson:


“The entire BJP, Modi government is very much frightened that the country will not vote for them. That is why they want to grab every opportunity. UGC using only one incident in university curriculum is not fair, they want to introduce any curriculum they should include entire Indian army and one of the incidents can be a surgical strike. A lot of the things have been done by Indian Army, they had defeated the Pakistan two times, they had created Bangladesh, where surrendered more than one lakh soldiers from Pakistan in the battle of 1971. These all things are done by Indian Army. By only introducing Surgical Strike, BJP wants to insult Indian army, I think they don’t understand what Indian army is.”

Preeti Sharma Menon, AAP Spokesperson:


“This is a completely political decision. Not only there have been surgical strikes in the past, but we have won many wars. I don’t remember any of those war celebrations of those victories. So to try and gain the political advantage of the one effort which is done under the Modi regime, this is been done. The sad part is instead of trying for peace the M0di government is more interested in making a spectacle of small acts of aggression. They have no long-term plan for the valley. Today situation in Kashmir is worst, it has been in decades. In 2017, more people died in Kashmir than they have died in a decade. They include civilian, police and armed forces people. So the death count is piling up. Every day the policemen are attacked by the terrorists in the valley. So there is no solution to the hostilities. No steps have been taken to achieve any peace, but there is a lot of tom-tomming and swashbuckling, which I think is really sad. But now people are seeing through it, the Modi regime is over. Now people know that this is all tom-tomming and no concrete, a cohesive policy even for Kashmir or Pakistan. It’s quite sad. Its just political propaganda and now people see through to it.”

Prithviraj Chavan, former Maharashtra CM:


“The decision is completely politically motivated. The point the government has nothing to show as far the relationship with Pakistan is concerned. They were complete blank as far as Prime Ministers initiative meeting with Nawaz Sharif going to uninvited and that has backfired and after every government initiative, Pakistan has replied by kicking us in the shin. Therefore I think, the whole point is there is nothing to show, and that’s why they are suddenly woken up after two years and want to celebrate surgical strike which is a routine operation during previous governments. Such kind of this has happened. and there is nothing wrong with doing internal discussion. Whatever they want to call it, it was an incursion by Indian armed forces to the Pakistan territory. This has happened many times in the past but we never advertised this. Now they have nothing else to say that’s why they are making a deal out of it. We are proud of our jawan but ultimately who leads them the political leadership the really is the issue. our jawans are being sailed by our political leadership.”

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