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Will the fuel price touch Rs. 100 mark?

With the continuous hike in petrol and diesel prices, will the fuel price in India touch Rs 100 mark? Or will the prices be reduced before the election?


Fuel prices yet again witnessed a fresh hike on Tuesday morning, with petrol and diesel being sold at Rs. 82.16 and Rs. 73.87 per liter respectively in the national capital.

The surge in fuel prices has affected people in Mumbai the most, with petrol retailing at Rs.89.54 per liter and diesel at Rs. 78.42 per liter.

While a litre of petrol is being sold for Rs. 83.91 and diesel for Rs. 75.53 in Kolkata, the petrol and diesel prices in Chennai rose to Rs. 85.31 and Rs. 78, respectively.

The constant rise in fuel prices is strengthening citizens’ demand for government’s intervention in the matter.

The Union Government has also been facing flak in the past few weeks for not implementing stringent measures to curb prices.

With the continuous hike in petrol and diesel prices, will the fuel price in India touch Rs. 100 mark? Or will the prices be reduced before the election? HW News brings you reactions from across political parties.


Majid Memon, NCP Spokesperson:

fuel price

“At the time of the election, they (the central government) will try to give the people a lollipop. The whole spectacle is for elections. So people can say that we did this. First gradually increase and then decrease again. This is not an economic problem, it is a political problem. They will spoil the economy so that if this government does not come back to power, there will be difficulties for the new government.”


Madhav Bhandari, BJP Spokesperson:



“It is clear that the government cannot control the price of petrol, diesel. Reducing the prices of petrol, diesel is in the hands of the GST Council. If petrol and diesel are within the purview of GST, then the costs can be reduced to a great extent. But the GST Council’s decision depends on the Congress and other non-BJP ruled states. Because there is a decision with a vote in GST Council. The majority do not. Congress and non-BJP ruled states should clarify that they will cooperate to reduce the cost of petrol diesel and bring them to the realm of GST. The Congress party is running Dogali policy, speaks out against these prices but creates problems in bringing GST to the council. Congress should clarify its attitude. It is just speculation that prices of petrol and diesel will be reduced by the Central Government at the time of the election, and I do not want to comment on speculation.”


Sachin Sawant, MPCC Spokesperson:


Triple talaq



“The current government’s concerns only comes to the foreground before and during the time of elections. They are concerned with electoral success. They do not have the sensitivity or is concerned about the plight of the people. As far as the taxes are concerned Maharashtra remains to be the top taxpayer compared to other states. The prices of petrol and diesel, the people of Maharashtra are compelled to pay is huge. Since we have been continuously demanding to reduce the taxes, the government, on the other hand, is increasing taxes on certain commodities and services. There is no apathy from the BJP government’s side towards the people of this country facing problems due to increasing inflation. It has a cascading effect on the farming activities as well. The farmers are also at the receiving end. Just because the General Elections are around the corner they might try to reduce the prices, which is highly condemnable. I believe that they should act vigilantly and take action right away to curb the prices of Petrol and Diesel like how Karnataka government has done.”


Sandip Deshpande, MNS Spokesperson:




“The prices definitely reach the 100 mark or may even surpass that mark to be the highest priced fuel. The way the prices are going up and the competition of against dollar is ever increasing and in such a situation the prices tend to go up. This government is very insensitive towards the people. Mr. Ramdas Athawale during such situation has made an insensitive comment whereby he has said that I am a minister and that I get petrol free is unacceptable. This is the kind of mentality that the BJP party men nurture. The people will answer such an insensitivity in the upcoming election. Even if they reduce the fuel prices exponentially before or during the coming 2019 General Elections, the people or the voters are smart enough to identify such gimmicks and to not fall for the trap. BJP won’t be able to pull the same gimmick and repeating again before the election. The people are vigilant and intelligent towards such gimmicks.”


Gajanand Kirtikar, Shiv Sena, MP

The prices are ought to increase. Once the GST is applied there will be a direct impact on the consumer. This is a prominent reason why the budget has been increasing and there is an increase in the price of commodities for that matter. Though the measures have been taken. But due to GST, the prices to the consumers are higher than the traders. The fuel prices are directly related to the international crude oil prices which tend to fluctuate. So, now nothing can be said on if the prices will touch 100 or surpass the mark in coming years. Considering the situation in the context of the prices, people have already lost faith in the present government. People of the country are smart and they know whom to vote. There is going to be zero impact on the voters’ mind even if the sitting government reduce the price right before the coming elections.



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