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Business Headlines: Meet the 27 Year Old Indian Founder of a Billion $ Startup

27-year-old Ankiti Bose and her co-founder Dhruv Kapoor have established Zilingo in December 2014 – a startup that helps connect small traders in South-East Asia to customers. While it is rare to see such young female startup founders, Ankiti has done a fabulous job and Zilingo has expanded its footprint in the online shopping industry in a big way. Group M, part of advertising giant WPP has stated in a report that India is the fastest growing ad market in the world and is the third highest contributor to incremental ad spending behind China and the US. Real estate research company Liaise Foras has released a report about the real estate sector in India that paints a very abysmal picture. With a high amount of debt, sales are not happening to lead to a further stockpile of inventory.

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