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The #MeToo storm: Adding a new perspective into the minds of the women

#Metoo is unequivocally the most cogent tool for women empowerment, a potent platform to voice their thoughts and apprehensions, to have far-reaching effects initially when indulged by known faces and names and with the media carrying it to higher penetrative levels. With the advent of social media, the reach may quadruple, but the trustworthiness may not last until a while!!

Women may finally find their bearings through some sound bytes wherein they can give vent to their pent-up emotions of hurt, disgrace, anguish and distrust uninterruptedly!! It could further usher in an era of gender equality through mutual respect and sustenance.

#Metoo has definitely, done wonders to the spirit of the woman as they join the chorus with a measure of ease and composure. Many of them had marooned their careers, apprehending trouble elsewhere as well, while the rest chose to remain tight lipped and diplomatically evade the issue. Needless to add that many of them found their career in dire straits!!

Tanushree Dutta can be credited to take lead in the initiative with her verbal assault on Nana Patekar in 2008. The time here had its imprint on the women as Nana had a gala period rejoicing. Tanushree had to abandon films and choose a discrete career in the US, after she drew a lot of flak from his paltry patrons in Mumbai. In the meanwhile, she was waiting for her to be vindicated for ten long years!!

Sandhya Menon, writer and journalist of the Times of India, was sexually assaulted by K. R. Sreenivas, resident editor of TOI, while Gautam Adhikari, of DNA, allegedly forced a kiss on her lips for dropping her home. The effrontery of such men as promiscuous as the above warrants stern action. While Gautam has been sacked from office, Sreenivas was asked to go on leave!!

Bharati Shukla & Reema Sanyal had tweeted about Siddharth Bhatia, founding editor of “The Wire”, who had a previous stint in DNA. It was about his weakness to bed young female colleagues, Bhatia also used to lick his lower lip, seeing the bra straps of young women in office!!

Stand-up comedian Utsav Chakraborthy of AIB is known for his fetish behaviour of sending pictures of his genitals to females without their consent. Gurusimran Khambha of the AIB is also involved in sexual escapades as per reports received. Tanmay Bhat the founder of AIB has been asked to step away until further notice.

Vikas Bahl, the co-founder of Phantom films may be credited with creative films, however, the same cannot be said about his conduct with his colleagues, particularly young females!! After baring his lewd behavioural pattern he was ousted from various projects.

The “sanskaari” man Alok Nath was apparently exposed by film maker and writer Vinta Nanda in a detailed interview. She alleged that she was raped by him after a couple of drinks inside the car.

The deluge of stories has just taken off and we are liable to observe many titans in the fray. The tales would be audacious and utterly rude. It is still a man’s world and the power resides with them. It is hence very important to exercise prudence and refrain from taking undue advantage of the same.

#Metoo certainly adds a new perspective into the mind of the women thereby compelling her to seek new avenues to meet her needs both personal and professional, in case the existing venue falls short of the same.

It would give her the liberty of speaking up loud and clear against any venture that fails to conform to her value system that she has set for herself!!


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