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Karnataka Election 2018

Alarming issues in Karnataka which no political party is addressing

Shikha Singh



Every party in the state is playing caste politics and are placing the candidates accordingly Is Karnataka only about caste politics? Looking at the so-called representatives of the society it seems that problem never prevailed in Karnataka

Ahead of the Karnataka elections, one can definitely expect a well-contested battle. While the whole of India is busy discussing the Karnataka Elections, sad part is nobody is focusing on real concerns that surround the state.

On one hand, Congress is constantly screaming about development plans and is distributing free televisions, clothes, and food. On the other hand, BJP is accusing Janata Dal-Secular of betrayal.

Whereas, JD-S is confident on its take that no government can be formed in Karnataka without their blessing and will always be the kingmaker in the state like before.

Every party in the state is playing caste politics and are placing the candidates accordingly. Is Karnataka only about caste politics? Looking at the so-called representatives of the society it seems that problem never prevailed in Karnataka.

Let’s look at the major problems that need to be immediately addressed

Economic imbalance

Economic imbalance is one hard-hitting problem faced by Karnataka. Development has been progressed only in Mysore city and Bangalore. The major part of the state’s revenue is recovered by these two cities, which takes away the attention from the other parts of the state, making them even more deprived of the economic development opportunities which they badly need.

Sadly, highly populated North Karnataka still remains underdeveloped. If this issue is not resolved soon, Bangalore will face a major issue of migration from other parts of the state. If it continues the capital city will no longer be able to accommodate the major chunk of the population.

Geographical imbalance

As per the reports,  a High Power Committee has been proposed several times in the past four years. A sum of Rs. 31,000 crores will be needed to resolve the issue of regional imbalance in Northern area of Karnataka.

However, even after several years, the bill has neither been passed and nor any political party in their agenda has raised this serious issue.


There is a longstanding dispute between Karnataka and Tamil Nadu on the sharing of Cauvery water. This is not the first time that Karnataka has denied the Supreme Court’s decision about the amount of water left out. Even earlier, when such a situation had occurred, people from both the sides have held each other’s throats. So what had happened in Bangalore is just a recurrence of the events that happened in the past.

However, the question of what’s the way out to it still rests. No one can challenge the Supreme Court’s decision, but sitting face to face can solve the problem and the solution can be reached upon, especially when people’s emotions are attached. Water problem between Karnataka and Tamil Nadu still remains to be a sensitive issue.

Apart from this much-hyped Cauvery issue, the government will have to redress the everyday issue of drinking water. This year several regions of North Karnataka have not even received proper rainfall which is increasing the problem of drinking water.

The paradox is, the Northern part of Karnataka highly depends on agriculture and loss in cotton crop has fueled the issue. No political party has yet announced support price. Moreover, close to 175 talukas in Karnataka is facing this issue

Electricity crisis

Apart from IT hub of India Bangalore, rest other parts of Karnataka are facing power crisis. Karnataka state is bound to not shut power in Bangalore. As Bangalore accounts for 40% of the state revenue, and to ensure that the working hours do not get disrupted there, rest other parts of the state remain in blackout for almost 6 hours a day.

Greater Bangalore

Despite saying, the Bangalore city has its own share of problems. No political party tabled this concern. Even if 8000 sq of area has been added to the Bangalore city there are no concrete plan as far as issues of road plan, infrastructure, growing population and finances are concerned.

Karnataka Election 2018

Karnataka Elections: BSY’s Son and Sobha Karandlaje excluded from the latest BJP candidate list

News Desk



The big brawl between the sons of Siddaramaiah and Yeddyurappa has been scrapped in Varuna after BJP’s chief ministerial candidate Yeddyurappa announced at a convention in Mysore that his son Vijayendra won’t contest against Siddaramaiah’s son Yathendra anymore.

BJP did not take this news lightly with party workers creating a commotion by throwing chairs around. It is believed that the elections will be a piece of cake for Yathendra now.

At the same time Yeddyurappa’s close aide Shobha Karandlaje has also been excluded from BJP’s latest list of candidates.

“Shobha is a junior compared to other leaders like Anantkumar Hegde, Sadananda Gowda and Jagadish Shettar. They will never let this happen. She is lobbying to contest from Yeshvanthpur and since she is a close associate of Yeddyurappa, he may favour her, but the high command will take the opinions of other leaders and she may not get the ticket,” a source has revealed.

The party has not yet made up its mind on four constituencies. Tuesday is the last date to file nominations.

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Karnataka Election 2018

Karnataka elections: Congress changes 6 names in the final list of candidates

Shreya Kachroo



Publishing the final list of candidates for the May 12 Karnataka Assembly elections, the Congress announced a change in the name of candidates in six seats and selected nominees for five other seats on Sunday.

The AICC announced the names of candidates for five of the 224 constituencies where it had not announced candidates and changed candidates in six constituencies from those named its first list announced on April 15.

The party replaced nominee HS Chandra Mouli in Madikeri as he was the lawyer of diamond trader Mehul Choksi, who fled the country in January after allegedly defrauding the Punjab National Bank along with his nephew Nirav Modi.

Putting an end to speculation over whether Siddaramaiah would contest a second seat apart from Chamundeshwari in his home district of Mysore, the Congress declared him as the candidate for the Badami constituency in Bagalkot in north Karnataka.

Among the other constituencies where the Congress changed its candidates is Jagalur (ST seat) where the party had announced the candidature of A L Puspha. But following severe pressure, the party replaced her with HP Rajesh, the sitting MLA.


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Karnataka Election 2018

Siddaramaiah – Devegowda’s nomination process turns violent in Mysuru

News Desk



MYSURU:  Karnataka election heat has risen as supporters of both CM Siddaramaiah and G T Devegowda of JD(S), ran into each other as their leaders filed their nominations from Chamundeshwari in Mysuru on Friday.

Kote Anjaneya Swamy temple, the North Gate of Mysuru Palace was turned into a battlefield as the two nomination processions were slated to commence.

The front section of the temple was covered by the Congress workers while JD(S) supporters assembled near Town Hall.

As the Congress supporters broke the security cordons, the police intervened and resorted to mild caning.

Sources claimed Congress had sought time to take out a rally before JD(S). But Congress rescheduled its rally, leading to delay and tension for four hours from 11 am. Siddaramaiah was scheduled to arrive at 12 noon and Devegowda at 2 pm. As Siddaramaiah got delayed, Devegowda acceded to the cops’ request and arrived early.

The police changed the route of the procession to the returning officer’s office in Nazarbad 2km away, as the CM reached the procession venue at 2 pm to ensure both party workers did not run into each other. Karnataka state elections will be held on 12 May 2018 in all 224 constituencies of the Legislative Assembly. The counting of votes and announcement of result will take place on 15 May 2018.

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