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Karnataka Election 2018

Another faceplam moment for BJP! Now Karnataka BJP MP says Modi will not help poor

Prahlad Joshi lost in translation and said, “Narendra Modi will do nothing for the poor and the downtrodden.”

In what can be only described as a facepalm moment for the ruling Modi government and BJP, the party’s Karnataka MP was lost in translation and said something that left the party red-faced, again. Prahlad Joshi- a BJP MP from Karnataka apparently said that Narendra Modi will not help the poor, during election campaigning. He was translating BJP National President Amit Shah’s speech at a rally in Challkere of Devanagari district.

Since BJP chief Amit Shah started campaigning in Karnataka, Prahlad Joshi has been a key player in translating his speeches from Hindi into Kannada. He was the one who promptly corrected the BJP chief during his goof-up earlier this week, saying “Yeddyurappa’s government was the most corrupt”. A statement that left BJP’s Chief Ministerial pick flabbergasted. The incident grabbed a lot of headlines.

Following the goof-up, this is second such incident that has left BJP embarrassed. During his rally in Chalkere, Amit Shah had accused,
“The Siddaramaiah government could not develop Karnataka. You have faith in Prime Minister Narendra Modi and cast your vote for Yeddyurappa.” He further promised that if voted to power the party will transform Karnataka into the number one state.

However, Prahlad Joshi lost in translation and said, “Narendra Modi will do nothing for the poor and the downtrodden…there is the government of honourable Modiji in the centre. Ensure Yeddyurappa wins and together will transform Karnataka into the number one state.”

The opposition Congress which had mocked Amit Shah’s goof-up earlier this week sarcastically saying that the BJP is campaigning for Congress in Karnataka did not miss the chance. Soon after the news spread, Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah took it to Twitter to take a dig at the BJP. He said, “I am surprised that all BJP leaders have started speaking truth.”

While the BJP termed it a slip of tongue, definitely the question is, will the two embarrassments in a week cause a slip in BJP’s prospect in upcoming Assembly elections?

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