Russian Airliner crashes within minute after take-off, all dead

A Russian airliner taking off from country’s busiest airport crashed on Sunday, killing all 71 people. Chunks of its wreckage were found scattered on a snowy field outside Moscow.

Saratov Airlines Flight 703, that was going towards Moscow, Domodedovo airport to the city of Orsk on the Kazakhstan border, was carrying six crew members and 65 passengers. The jet disappeared from radar screens minutes after take-off which went down with a fiery blast at the south-east region of Moscow.

According to a Russian official, Transport Minister Maxim Sokolov confirmed that the cause of the crash was not clear and none of the people of the Antonov An-148 have survived.

Emergency workers immediately worked on field to search for the scathed chunks of the airliner scattered around 1500 km to the south east. While the investigators went straight to the airport to search for clues to what the jet went down.

The International Civil Aviation Organization report that Russia has long a history with poor airline safety record. From 2008 to 2017, 326 people died in accidents on Russian commercial flights.

Saratov Airlines, which is a regional airline based in the Volga port city of Saratov, said the An-148 that crashed came for service in 2010. The airline official said that, relatives of the deceased would be given insurance payments of 2,025,000 rubles – about $35,000.

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