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“Absolutely Fake”: Netflix state it straight while replying to a user

“This is absolutely fake. If you want free Netflix please use someone else’s account like the rest of us,” Netflix tweeted


NEW DELHI| Today Netflix clear the air when a fake tweet was circulating of offering free six-month subscriptions to users who would dial a given phone number below. Netflix gave clarification, “This is absolutely fake. If you want free Netflix please use someone else’s account like the rest of us”.


The same number is seen on the BJP tweeter page asking to support the Citizenship Amendment Act. Which raise the eyebrows of many what has struck new in the bowl now. The Act causing stir in the nation and protests are going on in several parts of the country since last month. BJP seeks support for this Act by sharing the message to give miss call but this umber is seen on many pages has created confusion is to what exactly is BJP up to?

Many posts are visible on twitter with the same number flashing around. Netizens are criticizing BJP party for such sickening move. Calling it a desperation for proving governments governance right.


The BJP has also kicked off a campaign to reach out to the country’s citizens to give information about the amended citizenship law.

Home Minister Amit Shah, in an interview to ANI, admitted to a “communication gap” over the amended citizenship law. “I have no hesitation in admitting that there may have been a communication gap,” Mr Shah had said.

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The Citizenship Amendment Act for the first time makes religion the test of citizenship in India. The government says it will help minorities from three Muslim-dominated countries to get citizenship if they fled to India before 2015 because of religious persecution. Critics say it is designed to discriminate against Muslims and violates the secular principles of the constitution.

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