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“If anyone criticizes the govt, they are termed anti-national”: Shabana Azmi

Shabana Azmi said, “The biggest victims of communalism are women. A woman’s house is ruined by the riots, her children become homeless and they can not go to school.”



New Delhi|  Actor and Social activist Shabana Azmi criticized the BJP government on Saturday. She said that those who criticize the government are immediately branded as anti-nationals.

She said that it is necessary to speak about the problems of the country to overcome its shortcomings. Shabana Azmi further stated that these days the anybody who talks against the ruling government is tagged as anti-national.

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Addressing a program, Azmi said, “It is important for the welfare of our country that we also talk about its issues. If we do not talk about them, how will we improve the situation? But the atmosphere is becoming such that if you talk against the government, you are immediately called anti-national. We do not want to be scared of this and no one requires a certificate from them. ”

Shabana Azmi said, having grown up in the Ganga-Jamuni Tehzeb, people should not succumb to the current situation. Azmi also opposed communalism and said, “Hindustan is a beautiful country. Attempts to divide people cannot be right for this country.”

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She also claimed that the biggest victims of communal riots are women. Azmi said, “A woman’s house is ruined by the riots, her children become homeless and they can not go to school.” “The biggest victims of communalism are women,” the actor further said. The yesteryear actor was awarded the ‘Kunti Mathur Samman’ by Anandmohan Mathur Charitable Trust for her remarkable contributions to the benefit of women. She made the statement after receiving the award.

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