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People do not want free things, they know my work: PM Modi

 Modi said, “The common man wants honest government. They do not want a discount or free item.This (the desire for free stuff) is just fantasy.”

The preparations for the general budget have begun in the country. This will be last full budget of Modi government before 2019 elections. It was expected that this budget would be a little populist, which would attract people before the elections. But PM Modi has indicated that this time the general budget will not be populist. He said, “It is a myth that the common man wants ‘free things and concessions’ from the government”.

During an interview with a news channel, Modi said, “Our government will continue to work towards reform agenda. I have transformed India from ‘five weak’ economies in the world into an ‘attractive place for investment’.”

Modi said, “The common man wants honest government. They do not want a discount or free item … This (the desire for free stuff) is just fantasy.”

He added, “This matter comes under the purview of Finance Minister and I do not want to interfere in his work.” He also said, “Those who have seen me as the Chief Minister of Gujarat and the Prime Minister of the country know that ordinary people do not expect free things, this is a myth.”

PM also dismissed the criticisms revolving around the issue of unemployment. He said people are spreading lies about employment. Their government policy is to create jobs. The PM stated that the organized sector provides 10 percent jobs. The remaining 90 percent jobs come from the unorganized sector. In the last one year, 70 lakh new retirement funds or EPF accounts of youths ranging between 18 to 25 years have been opened. Does this not show new jobs? There is no accurate figure of people working in the unorganized sector.

He further put his point forward, saying that after 2014 new CAs, lawyers, doctors, and consultants have started working. During the last three years, the work of road construction has doubled, has all this been done without employing people. He added that the railway tracks are also being doubled along work of electrification, construction of ports catching up, and this cannot be happening without employment.

In this budget, some tough decisions can be taken by PM Modi. Union budget will be presented on February 1.

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