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Meet Vyommitra, the humanoid India is sending to space under Gaganyaan mission

According to an ISRO scientist, Vyommitra is half humanoid since she does not have legs. “She is called a half humanoid because it doesn’t have legs

Bengaluru: ISRO chairman Dr. K Sivan on Wednesday announced that two unmanned missions will be sent up and recovered before it and thus testing and proving India’s technologies to do the same — before the actual manned mission is taken up.

These two unmanned missions will carry with them a half-humanoid, along with some other experiments on microgravity and its effects on humans, said Dr. Sivan. In an International ISRO is a  session, bringing in space scientists and astronauts from across the world to hold consultations on technologies and challenges for human spaceflights. “The first unmanned mission will be in the month of December 2020, and it may spill over into 2021. The second unmanned mission will be after six months, by June 2021. The aim is to conduct a manned mission before August 2022,” said Dr. Sivan.

This time ISRO has launched Vyommitra. She can talk and recognize other humans. She can also mimic what they would do in space and even hold conversations and answer questions. She is a spacefaring human-robot developed by the ISRO. Vyommitra is a ‘half-humanoid’ that ISRO plans to send to space as part of test flights that will be undertaken the ambitious launch of India’s maiden human spaceflight mission.

Vyommitra was unveiled by ISRO at an event in Bengaluru on Wednesday where she greeted media person with “Hi, I am Vyommitra the first prototype of half humanoid.”

According to an ISRO scientist, Vyommitra is half humanoid since she does not have legs. “She is called a half humanoid because it doesn’t have legs. She can only bend sidewards and forward. She will carry out certain experiments and will always remain in touch with the ISRO command center,”.

The ISRO plans to send Vyommitra to space later this year when it will launch unmanned flights to space as part of the Gaganyaan project. The Gaganyaan project, announced by PM Narendra Modi in 2019 on Independence Day address, is an ambitious plan of sending Indians to space.

Vyommitra is a ‘half-humanoid’ because it has no legs on its structure. The crew capsule is only so huge as to accommodate an astronaut in a specific position. “In zero-gravity conditions, legs are irrelevant and mobility is not envisaged. But launch posture it can have after it can come to a basic posture,” said Dr. K Sivan. The robot would also respond to commands from the command center or the master control facility in Bengaluru, and give feedback on its own to scientists who will be examing from Earth.

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