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Police Seize Blankets From Lucknow Protestors

In videos that surfaced on social media, UP Police is seen seizing the blankets and boxes of food from the protestors who had gathered at Clock Tower, Lucknow. 

Lucknow| On Saturday evening, videos of UP Police seizing blankets and food items of protestors created an outrage on social media. The protestors had gathered at the iconic Clock Tower of Lucknow.

Lucknow police were seen taking away the sheets meant for protestors to lay down on the ground. They were also seen to be seizing boxes of what appeared to be food items. Some of the cops were spotted in the video who were wearing helmets.

Lucknow Police dismissed the allegations today and said: “Do not spread rumours” but added that “blankets were seized after due process”.

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Around 50 women started the demonstrations at Lucknow’s iconic Clock Tower demanding the repeal of CAA & NRC. The numbers grew rapidly as more women and children joined the protest on Saturday. There have already been claims from activists that UP police have used excessive power against the protestors. This news only adds fuel to the allegations.

In a video surfaced on the internet, a woman was seen to be running behind cops asking them, “Why are you taking the blankets?”

Meanwhile, Lucknow Police released a statement saying, “At the clock tower in Lucknow, during an illegal protest, some people tried to pitch a tent and they were denied permission. Some groups were distributing blankets in the park and many people, who were not even a part of the protest, came to take the blankets. We had to disperse the crowd there. The blankets were seized after due process. Please don’t spread rumours”.

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