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Rewinding 2018

2018 In Full Circle

As yet another year draws to a close and we stare down the barrel of a 12 month period full of drama, undoubtedly everybody feels at least a year older, if not more. Perhaps it’s time we look back and take inspiration from the pre-world war II Japanese tradition of not celebrating, but just acknowledging our birthdays (modern day Japan is now influenced by the west and birthdays are celebrated, not just acknowledged like pre WW II era) which would serve as a reminder that age is catching on. But I digress. If anyone thought the year 2018 in India was smooth sailing – I hate to burst your bubble – but it simply wasn’t. With the Modi government becoming ever more controlling and basing all their policy decisions keeping next year’s general election in mind, we were bound to be in for an eventful year – which is exactly what we got. Listed below are newsworthy categories and the two most important headlines within them that shaped our year.

As the year draws to a close and we stand on the cusp of new beginnings, we remain grateful, for in spite of all our complaints, India still has a structure of democracy that actually works. Keeping a prayer in mind for our brothers and sisters in war-torn Syria or the catastrophic economic deterioration in countries such as Venezuela, our country also remains hopeful for the upcoming general elections. Irrespective of the result, we hope whichever party emerges victorious will work towards the upliftment and development of not only our country but of the entire world in whatever capacity we can contribute. Here’s to wishing you happy holidays and a safe and joyful new year from our entire team at HW News Network!!

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