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South Connect | Karnataka becomes no.1 state in Renewable Energy Generation

South connect segment brings you latest news from across the southern states. 1. Karnataka has been named the new national leader in renewable energy generation. 2. Kerala doctors confirmed the 2 years old boy’s death was not due to Shigella. 3. The Tamil Nadu government submitted a video footage of late Tamil Nadu CM Jayalalitha in the Madras High Court to prove that she was not pregnant. 4. Nirmala Sitharaman snubbed the AIADMK party man O Pannerselvam and declared that there was no appointment scheduled. 5. Former PM Manmohan Singh said that the assurance to Andhra Pradesh was made by him on behalf of parliament and he expected it to be fulfilled by the government. 6. After Andhra Pradesh, now in telangana too the demand for special status is gaining ground.


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