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Do ghosts exist or is it all a fallacy?

Shikha Singh



One of the most googled terms on internet debatably is the word ‘Ghosts’ which has always been subject to conjecture. We are often baffled by the thoughts of their existence, do they exist and if so, in what form are they really there? So, are you someone who will not even search the word ‘Ghost ‘when you are home alone, or among the ones who will sense a paranormal activity every time your bucket of popcorn goes missing? If this is the case, we suggest skipping this article for your good night’s sleep.

But hold your horses here, if you’re among those who get intrigued by the thought of horrifying your friends, congratulations you have landed on the right page.

To unwrap the suspense that has been lurking around the concept of ghosts let’s see some frequently asked questions.

What is a ghost? 

When the transition happens from your physical body, the spirit which is stuck between light and earth is a ghost. The attachment, craving, desires, urge, wishes during our life on earth if not, control becomes a weak link in an afterlife. Ghosts are controlled by higher level negative energies and have unconcluded issues with the physical world.

What do ghosts want from us?

We have often seen in movies ghosts horrifying and terrorizing people however this is not the reason. The objective of ghost depends and accordingly changes upon a particular person’s activity.

What leads a certain place to be haunted?

One may feel the existence of a haunted place as soon as he or she starts feeling sudden chills running along his/her spine, adrenaline rush, a sudden drop in the temperature. All these have a direct relationship with the energy present in that area which attracts ghosts. They might have the strong connection with that place, strong memories or it is the place where they met with an untimely death.

It is believed that the world of ghosts is all around us and can also affect us in various possible ways. To satisfy their dire desire they possess a person. As we go deeper into the details of the hierarchy of energies they exert negative energies and power on society and can have a dreadful effect on us.

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Terror funding’: Shabir Shah bail plea dismissed by court

News Desk



Srinagar, Jan 31: A Delhi court on Wednesday dismissed the bail plea of Democratic Freedom Party (DFP) chief, Shabir Ahmad Shah in an alleged money laundering case related to terror funding. The Additional Sessions Judge Sidharth Sharma dismissed Shah’s fresh bail plea today.

Sources said that the lawyer MS khan argued for granting bail to Shabir Shah, pleading that Shah is no way connected/ linked with the accused Aslam Wani.

Moreover, Khan said had Shabir Shah been involved in terror funding/ funding to stone pelters, the NIA being the prime investigating agency has nowhere mentioned Shabir Shah in their 12700-page charge sheet.

Khan further said that all the witnesses in the case are from Delhi police and ED Office, so how can they be influenced. The court as per the sources adjourned till 4 pm and later the judge said that he will go through the case.
The development took place a day after the Enforcement Department (ED) questioned Shah’s wife for at least seven hours.

The wife of Shah, Dr. Bilquees Shah had said that the government is playing ‘delaying tactics’ just to prolong the ‘illegal detention’ of her husband

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Two dead, more than 2 dozen injured in Doda road accident 

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Jammu: Two passengers were killed and over two dozens injured on Thursday after a mini-bus in which they were traveling, skidded off the road and fell into a gorge in Khara area of district Doda.

Reports said that a mini-bus bearing the registration No. JK06-6959 was on its way from Halaran to Kara Gandoh and plunged into a deep gorge near Kara Gandoh.

Two passengers were killed on the spot while the more than 2 dozens got injured and have been shifted to nearby hospital for the treatment.

MLA Bhaderwah Daleep Singh Parihar talked to DDC Doda and SSP Doda and directed them to provide all medical assistance to injured along with helicopter facility shift them to Jammu.

The MLA also expressed his condolences for the families of the deceased and demanded suitable compensation.

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It’s a full moon for Indians on 31st January this year!

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There are in all 5 eclipses in 2018 out of which three are partial solar eclipses taking place on 15 Feb, 13 Jul and 11 Aug but are not visible from India. The other two total lunar eclipses both are visible from India. The first one is on 31 Jan which is partially visible from India and the second one is on 28 July which is entirely visible from India.

There have been times when a volcanic explosion preceded a total lunar eclipse.  In July 1992, Mt. Pinatubo of Philippines erupted. The total lunar eclipse of 10 Dec ’92 was so dark that for a while the moon appeared to have vanished from the sun and the sky was as dark as that on a new moon night.

Details of the total lunar eclipse of 31 Jan 2018. Time given in IST

Moon enters penumbra:   16:19:28

Moon enters umbra:          17:17:50

Start of totality:               18:21:06

Maximum eclipse:            18:59:33

End of totality:                19:37:59

Moon leaves umbra:         20:41:15

Moon leaves penumbra:   21:39:41

Duration of total phase: 1h 16m 53s

Duration of umbral phase: 3h 23m 25s

Duration of penumbral phase: 5h 20m 14s

Moonrise and sunset time


17:17    Moon rises
17:24    Sun sets


18:04    Moon rises
18:09    Sun sets


17:54    Moon rises
18:00    Sun sets


18:27    Moon rises
18:31    Sun sets

Note: This second full moon on 31st Jan is the second full moon in a calendar month. It is also called ‘blue moon’.

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