Some Frequently Asked Questions About HW News Network

What is HW News ?

HW News Network is fully owned Digital News Portal of Theo Connect Private Limited. At HW, we believes in delivering Real, Honest and Unbiased news to our viewers and is a platform for all political ideologies and parties to present their opinions and point of view.

What is the viewership of HW News ? 

Around 18 million individuals watch HW News  it’s video content every month. Of these around 9 million access HW in Hindi and rest from English and Marathi. In addition to these millions of readers and viewers engage with each other and HW news on various social media platforms every month.

What is HW News’s revenue model?

HW News is registered as a Pvt. Ltd Company and sustains itself through contributions from readers like yourself and some advertising revenue. Other smaller sources of revenue includes events and content syndication.

How does HW News make sure that it is not influenced by advertisers?

Revenue via advertising on HW is a smaller part of the total revenue earned. Also as a major part of HW’s advertising income is via programmatic ads on the website and mobile site and ads on HW’s Youtube channel there is no direct interaction between HW News and advertisers. This removes any chance of advertisers influencing HW’s content.

How can I Contribute to HW News ?

You can Contribute to HW News Network by clicking on LINK. Here you can make one-time, monthly, or annual contributions.
You can also Contribute via cheques, payable to Theo Connect Pvt Ltd.

HW News,

Theo Connect Pvt Ltd.

903, Antariksh Thakur House, Makwana Road, Marol, Andheri (E), Mumbai, Maharashtra 400059, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400059

 Will a Contribution of a sum as low as Rs 100 a month help HW NEWS?

Yes. Every small bit counts. When you commit to support us with Rs 100 every month or even Rs 10 for an article, we see someone who is making our democracy stronger. This gives us confidence to continue doing our work.

What information will HW News collect from me when I make a payment?
HW News will retain your email id and mobile number to ensure that payment confirmation or failure can be recorded and intimated.

Is my information safe?
Yes. HW does not share any information you share during the payment process with any third party other than the payments service providers. We also promise not to sell or trade your information in any form. The data collected during the process is stored in a way that complies with the best data security protocols in the industry.

How long does a recurring contribution remain active?
All recurring contributions remain active until cancelled.

How can I cancel my recurring contribution?
You can cancel from here

Are contributions made to HW News tax free?

Payments made for HW News are not a donation. Your payments are used to support our editorial initiatives and to cover the logistics of producing a story.

Can I make a cash contribution?

We appreciate your interest to support HW News’s initiatives, but we don’t accept cash submissions.