Justin Trudeau’s comment on Khalistani terrorists is shameful and jeopardises the image of Canada.

Will Trudeau in sympathy for these terrorists carve out a territory in Canada for Khalistan?

Dr. Abraham Mathai, Founder Chairman of the Harmony Foundation and former Vice-Chairman of the Minorities Commission, has expressed his discontent and vehemently condemned Justin Trudeau’s recent statement, which blames India for the killing of Khalistani terrorists.

 “Canada, one of the leading global moral powers is yet again marring its credentials by extending support to a separatist group. It’s unbelievable that Canada can descend to such low levels of sympathizing with a group that is hell-bent on causing strife and contention in a democratic nation,” said Dr.Mathai.

“It is immensely outrageous and shocking to hear such statements made by Justin Trudeau who is blaming India for the killing of a Khalistani terrorist on Canadian soil in June this year and that too with absolutely no evidence. Allowing a separatist terror outfit to demonstrate against the world’s largest democracy in Canada is equivalent to Pakistan supporting Kashmiri terrorists against India”, Dr. Mathai added.

Dr. Mathai further stated that this is not the first instance of the Canadian government failing to take action against Khalistani activities or condemning their actions. Justin Trudeau’s recent accusation against the Indian government concerning the killing of a Khalistani terrorist serves as a stark reminder of the gruesome 1985 Kanishka Air India bombings and Canada’s seemingly casual stance about it. The Kanishka bombing, a nightmarish event that claimed the lives of 329 innocent people on board, with 268 of them being Canadian citizens of Indian origin, and 24 of them being Indian nationals, remains one of the most haunting chapters in India’s history.

It is irrefutable that Khalistani elements were involved in orchestrating this tragic air disaster from Canadian soil. Even more unfortunate, based on available reports, is that the mastermind behind this terror attack, who was in Canada at the time, was never extradited to India despite repeated requests from India. And like Nijjar today, there was then Talwinder Singh Parmar, a dreaded Khalistani terrorist who was gunned down in Punjab in 1992 but almost a decade before the Kanishka bombing he had forewarned that “Indian planes will fall from the sky”. This happened a few years later with the Kanishka Air India bombing in 1985, but Parmar remained a free man in Ottawa. Parmar was the same person who was refused extradition by Canada in 1982 despite repeated Indian requests. When India sought his extradition in 1982, Ottawa went to the ludicrous extent, saying the extradition protocols between Commonwealth countries would not apply because India only recognized Her Majesty as Head of the Commonwealth, and not as Head of State! In the aftermath of these events, Canada’s uncommitted investigation into this attack left a bitter taste in the mouths of those seeking justice for the victims, especially their grieving families. Expanding on this, Dr. Mathai posed a critical question: “Would Canada’s response have been the same if its people were victims of such a tragedy? It is disheartening to observe that despite the presence of substantial evidence implicating Khalistani militants in the 1985 Kanishka bombings, they were not subjected to severe punishment for their heinous crimes by the Canadian Government. In contrast, Justin Trudeau’s recent unsubstantiated accusations against India regarding a Khalistani terrorist’s killing in Canada raise concerns and highlight Canada’s inconsistent stance on such serious matters.”

Dr. Mathai further condemned Canada’s sympathy for Khalistanis, stating it is morally wrong and has serious consequences for international relations, global security, and the country’s reputation. Given the Canadian Press, Dr. Mathai further said that it is a common feature in the Canadian press to see Khalistanis with their flag demonstrating against India. Will Trudeau in sympathy for these terrorists carve out a territory in Canada for Khalistan? It’s high time Justin Trudeau reviewed his line of thought and led to Canada maintaining its reputation as a global moral superpower, mainly concerned with international peace and security along with the development and reconstruction of the developing nations.

In conclusion, Dr. Mathai emphasizes that allowing a terrorist outfit to operate in its backyard makes Canada guilty of contravening the conventions of the UNHCR. The onus is upon Justin Trudeau to restore Canada’s global prestige otherwise history will judge him very harshly.

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