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“Hypocritical China Grows Long Nose Over Taliban Beards…”: Dr Mathai On Arrest Of Uighur Muslims

“Chinese Muslims are arrested for growing beard, but Talibani beards are acceptable to hypocritical China,” Dr Mathai said. 

Dr Abraham Mathai, the Chairman of Harmony foundation and former vice chairman of minorities commission, stressed that it is high time the international community woke up from its convenient slumber and confronted China regarding its blatant display of hypocrisy on the Taliban and its stated cause of being anti-anarchy, yet while brutally terrorising the Uighur and Hui Muslim minority communities closer home for their religious practices, including that of growing a beard.

“As the rest of the world except the US and its allies expressed concern and anguish at the Taliban takeover in Afghanistan knowing full well the extent of their sickening barbarism, it however seems to be the year of the dragon for China in Afghanistan with its swelling ambitions and selfish economic motives. China could care less if civil rights went to the dogs as it licks its lips over another country to economically enslave and exploit. China has left no stone unturned to seize the opportunity for economic investments and their hold in the country and it is extremely astonishing and ironic to see a nation like China supporting the Taliban as partners in economic investment at a time when China has been criticised over the years for the human rights abuse of the Uighur Muslims.The Uighurs and Hui who are minority Muslim communities in China are continuously targeted by the regime to the point of being micromanaged. An official list shows how they have been arrested for growing beards and having too many children.Over a million Uighur Muslims from Xinjiang province have disappeared into the oblivion of internment camps established by the Chinese government, and are also suspected to be victims of organised organ trafficking according to media reports,” Dr Mathai said.

He also said that it’s incredible to note how the Beijing government has fallen in love with the Taliban beard, even posing for widely published pictures on the world stage, while yet incarcerating their kindred brethren for merely growing the same. “Yet these pictures frame genocidal brutality in the same frame and I hope the Muslim community here who chose to shut their eyes on the Taliban open their eyes now to the evident hypocrisy of China,” Dr Mathai, whose NGO worked extensively for migrants and those affected by the Covid lockdown, said in his latest comments.


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