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“Twitter Would Be Accomplice To Formal Call For Murder”: France Demands Suspension of Mahathir’s Account

France has demanded a stern action from Twitter and said that Mahathir’s account should be suspended.


Social media platform Twitter on Thursday removed the outrageous post by former Malaysian President Mahathir Mohammed justifying the killing of French people by Muslims. Twitter said that the tweet violated its rules banning the glorification of violence. The tweet came after the brutal killing of three people in a knife attack in Nice, France.

Mahathir on Thursday said in a blog post titled ‘Respect others’ that Muslims have the right to be angry and also complete killing millions of French citizens for genocides in the past. He said that France should teach its citizens to take care of other’s feelings. Mahathir referred to the incident of the murder of French teacher Samuel Patty by an 18-year-old boy after the former showed cartoons of the Prophet in class.

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Twitter removed Mahathir’s tweet and put a label

At present, the Tweet is no longer available and the social media site has labelled it. While the tweet in question has been deleted, rest of the thread has been untouched.

France however, has demanded a stern action from Twitter and said that Mahathir’s account should be suspended. Cedric O, France’s Secretary for Digital Sector said that if Twitter does not suspend Former Malaysian PM’s account then it will be an accomplice to a formal call for murder.

The Nice terrorist attack is third such incident in the country in the last two months. France is facing a call for a boycott in the Muslim world for his statement saying “Islam is in Crisis” after the gory killing of history teacher Samuel Paty by an 18-year-old for discussing Charlie Hebdo cartoon in a class.


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