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US Elections 2020: Biden Leading With 209 Electoral College Votes, But Trump Seen Winning Florida

There is a close competition between Trump and Biden in Florida and Pennsylvania. In Florida, Donald Trump has maintained a lead. 


Counting continues for the presidential election in the US. According to the New York Times, Biden has received 209 votes while Trump has 118 received electoral college votes. Significantly, Trump is leading in Florida. It is said that whoever wins in this swing state reaches the White House. This is what 100 years of history says. Biden is leading in Iowa.

72 years later of Arizona goes Blue:

According to CNN, Democrats have made a dent in Arizona this time which is called Republicans’ stronghold. Biden has gained an edge here. Latin people are said to be the major reason for this in Arizona. Trump has been describing them as intruders. At the same time, Biden supported them. In 2016, Trump garnered 3% more votes here. This time he is lagging behind with similar margin.

According to the NYT, in addition to California, Oregon, Idaho and Washington State could be instrumental. Trump had said that he would register direct victories this time in Idaho and Oregon. But the contest looks tough in these states.

There is a close competition between Trump and Biden in Florida and Pennsylvania. According to the New York Times, an interesting figure is coming out. Those who did not vote in 2016, or who voted for the Third Party in the last election. Both of them have voted for Biden this time.

Senate and House of Representatives

According to the New York Times, Democrats have so far received 45 seats while Republicans have 44 seats in the Senate. In the House of Representatives, Democrats have won 118 seats while Republicans have won 140 seats.

Fears of Civil Unrest grow

The US National Guard, handling the internal security of the US, has been asked to be on alert mode. Election violence or clashes have been feared in 18 states. Around 4700 guards can be deployed. Cyber ​​Defense Agency has also been asked to monitor the situation.

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