Breaking: BCCI stands by Dhoni; says no need to remove the ‘Balidan’ gloves


BCCI’s response comes a day after ICC asked Cricket Body to get Dhoni to take off his gloves which have ‘Balidan’ insignia imprinted on them.

Mumbai| Amidst the raging controversy over MS Dhoni’s wicketkeeping gloves displaying ‘Balidan’ insignia, the BCCI has decided to back the Indian player. The BCCI has clarified that Mahendra Singh Dhoni does not need to remove these gloves. BCCI’s response comes a day after ICC asked BCCI to get Dhoni to take off his gloves which have ‘Balidan’ insignia imprinted on them. The symbol is used to honour the Para Military forces of India.

What is the controversy?

During the match between India and South Africa, Mahendra Singh Dhoni honoured the Para Special Force in a unique style. He wore gloves which had signs of ‘Sacrifice Badge’ imprinted on them. However, the International Cricket Council (ICC) has expressed objection to Dhoni wearing such ‘Balidan’ gloves. The ICC has asked the BCCI to take off Dhoni’s wicketkeeping gloves citing it flouts the rule.

Why did Dhoni use the Balidan badge gloves?
Not everyone can use the ‘Sacrifice Badge’ mark. This only applies to para commandos. The Para Special Force is usually called Para SF. It is the Special Operation Unit of the Indian Army. The Para Special Force had entered into Pakistan-Occupied Kashmir (PoK) in 2016 and conducted a surgical strike.
‘Sacrifice Badges’ is with the special forces’ parachute regiment. ‘Balidan’ is written on this badge. Dhoni was given the rank of honorary Lieutenant Colonel in the Army in 2011. He is the second cricketer to receive this honour after Kapildev.

The reaction of Indians:
Though ICC has criticized Dhoni, many Twitter users have praised Dhoni. One user wrote, ‘He showed his love for the country and the army.’ Another user wrote, ‘This is the reason that we love Dhoni. Thank you for showing love and support for our Military Para Special Force.’

The Indians stood with Dhoni asking unanimously asking him to not remove the gloves. The desi twitter also trended #DhoniKeepTheGlove in support of MS Dhoni.

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