Congress has not got the right to lead the opposition: Prashant Kishor

Mumbai : According to Saamana reports, Trinamool Congress spokesperson Prashant Kishor said that the Congress has not got the right to lead the opposition. No one gets those rights. It is not possible to say, whose destiny will bear fruit in 2024. The BJP was born to sit on the opposition benches forever. This party has jumped into space by digesting such a mess. Today, the political machinations of Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi continue. Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka are struggling to break the deadlock. The future will be decided by the divine authority of the UPA leadership. Make the first choice!

According to the Saamana reports, opposition movements have gained momentum after Mamata Banerjee’s visit to Mumbai. The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has unanimously agreed to have a viable alternative, but the opposition is still embroiled in controversy over who should be favored or excluded. If at least the same unity program is not going to be formed among the opposition, then no one should talk about giving BJP a viable option.

At the very least, there is a need for consensus on whether to take over the reins of our respective kingdoms and forts. The next question is who should lead that unity. Mamata Banerjee Fighting and winning like a tiger in Bengal. She carried out the task of crushing the BJP on the land of Bengal. The country has paid homage to their struggle. Mamata came to Mumbai for political meetings. Mamata’s politics is not Congress-oriented.

According to Saamana reports, it is true that she wiped out the Congress, the Left and the BJP from Bengal. Keeping the Congress out of national politics is tantamount to strengthening the current ‘fascist’ state tendency. Modi and his BJP can understand at once that the Congress should be cleansed. It is part of his agenda, but for those who are fighting against Modi and his tendencies, the most serious threat is to get the Congress to end. The decline of the Congress party in the last ten years is not a matter of concern. However, this vehicle which is on a downward spiral does not want to go up again and its intention to take the place of Congress is dangerous. The misfortune of the Congress is that those who have lived a lifetime.

The same people are strangling the Congress. According to Saamana reports, Ghulam Nabi Azad has cursed that the Congress will not do well in the 2024 elections. If today’s situation continues, the condition of Congress will remain depressing. Azad and other groups have formed a group of dissidents called ‘G23’ and almost everyone in that group has enjoyed power from the Congress. So what did the glorious board of this group do to improve the present condition of the Congress? It is a coincidence that even these glorious circles think that the performance of the Congress in 2024 should be disappointing. There will be no ‘game change’ at the national level unless the Congress crosses the 100 mark in the Lok Sabha. That is why the BJP’s strategy is to stop the Congress, but what if the same strategy is followed by Modi or the anti-BJP torchbearers? Where in the country is the Congress-led ‘UPA’? This question was asked by Mamata Banerjee in Mumbai. That question is worth millions in the current situation. Just as the UPA does not exist, so does the NDA. Modi’s party does not need the NDA today, but the opposition needs the UPA. Establishing a parallel alliance with the UPA is tantamount to strengthening the BJP’s hand.

Who will lead the UPA? This is the question. The Congress-led UPA is not acceptable to anyone. Don’t gutter behind the scenes. It leads to confusion and suspicion. Similarly, what will you do with the UPA? This should be mentioned at least once by Smt. Sonia Gandhi or Rahul Gandhi. Who will lead the UPA right now? What if there is no UPA? Time is being spent in this discussion. Who want a strong opposition front. They should take the initiative and work for the strengthening of the UPA. The NDA or the UPA were formed by the unification of several parties. Who don’t really want the current political system in Delhi. They should aim at strengthening the UPA.

The UPA’s car can be pushed forward despite its differences with the Congress. Many states still have Congress. In the northeastern state of Goa, the Trinamool Congress broke away. But this only increased the strength of Trinamool by two or four MPs. The same is true of ‘you’. It is the political maneuvering of the present opposition to pull the Congress and we have to climb it. Trinamool Congress spokesperson Prashant Kishor said that the Congress has not been given the divine right to lead the opposition.

No one gets divine rights. The houses of politics, the nobility, even the forts are crumbling at the sight. It is not possible to say whose god, whose destiny will bear fruit in 2024. After the crushing victory of the Janata Party in 1978, there was a feeling among the people that Indira Gandhi would never return to power. The BJP has been born to sit on the opposition bench forever.

Today, the political machinations of Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi continue. Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka are struggling to cope. If Priyanka had not reached Lakhimpur Khiri, the murder case of the farmers would have been solved. The authority of the UPA leadership will decide the future. Make the first choice!

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