Kerala: Minor boy accused of rape attempt of 23-year-old woman

Kondotty: A 15-year-old was arrested by the Kondotty police in Kerala on Tuesday for attempting to rape a 23-year-old woman.

The rape attempt occurred on Monday. The boy caught hold of the woman while she was walking from her house to Kottukkara junction. She usually catches a bus from the junction to go to a computer centre in Kondotty where she is studying.

“There is a one-kilometre distance between her house and Kottukkara junction. So, she usually takes a shortcut through a paddy field to reach the junction,” said Ummer Farook, councillor of Kottukkara. Malappuram district superintendent of police Sujith Das said that the boy was following the woman for at least 200 metres before he attacked her.

Ummer Farook said that the boy held the woman from behind and dragged her to a nearby plantain farm, “When she resisted the rape attempt, the boy hit her on the face with a stone. Also, he tied her hand using her overcoat. She somehow managed to run away while he was trying to grab another stone to attack her.”

He further said, “The woman in the house informed her neighbours and alerted me. Her face was swollen in the attack with the stone. He also tore her clothes. We gave her first aid and shifted her to Kondotty Taluk hospital. She was later shifted to Manjeri Medical College Hospital for medical checkups.”

“We cannot conclusively say in what kind of mindset the teenager was at the time. It is for clinical psychologists and experts to explain. But one thing is certain, for the last one and a half years, students were confined to their homes due to Covid-19 and attending online classes. We don’t know how they were spending the time, particularly students who were 12 years and above,” Sujith Das noted.

The teenager is a class X student and judo champion. He has suffered minor injuries and when people at home questioned him about scratches on his body, he claimed that he was attacked by a stray dog.

He would be produced before the juvenile justice board, police said.

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