Nawab Malik Shares Pictures of Devendra Fadnavis, Wife With Alleged Drug Peddler

NCP, Congress

Mumbai : Continuing his barrage of allegations, Maharashtra’s minority affairs minister and state NCP chief spokesperson Nawab Malik on Monday tweeted a photo of the leader of Opposition in Assembly Devendra Fadnavis along with an alleged drug peddler Jaideep.

Malik alleged that IRS officer Sameer Wankhede was brought in the federal anti-drug agency at the behest of Fadnavis.

Sharing a picture of Fadnavis’s wife Amruta Fadnavis with Rana, who had been arrested by the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) in June 2021 and is presently in jail, Malik said:

“Come, let’s talk about the relations between BJP and drug peddlers today.”

“It is a publicity stunt,” the leader of Opposition in Council Pravin Darekar said.

“I have released a photo of a person named Jaideep Rana in Twitter. This person is in Delhi’s Sabarmati Jail. He has been arrested in the case of drug trafficking. Amrita Fadnavis composed a river song… Devendra Fadnavis also acted in this song. But its producer was Jaideep Rana. Rana and Devendra Fadnavis have a close relationship,” Malik told reporters on Monday.

Further alleging that Fadnavis has connections with “goons” and the mafia, the Nationalist Congress Party leader said, “I demand that there should be a judicial inquiry into all these facts or a CBI inquiry should be conducted on it.”

Recently, Malik had pioneered another controversy, after he accused NCB Zonal Director Sameer Wankhede of forgery. Wankhede had been heading the investigation of the drugs-on-cruise case involving Aryan Khan.

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