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Congress UP Chief Picked By UP Police, Priyanka Says Run At Least 879 Buses

After the Congress Unit Chief was picked by UP police, the official Twitter page of Congress Party posted the video of him being towed by police.

Lucknow| The ruling BJP in Uttar Pradesh and opposition Congress party have locked horns for past a few days over the issue of migrants workers. Congress has spurred an attack on the UP government’s handling of the migrant issue after 26 migrants were killed and over 30 were injured in an accident near Auraiya, 200 KMs away from Lucknow.

Today, the Chief of Congress’s UP Unit, Ajay Kumar Lallu, was picked up by UP police from the state border near Agra district. Lallu was present with his supporters at the border when UP police towed him manually and took him under detention.

The Yogi Adityanath led UP government has been in a tussle with Congress party after its leader Priyanka Gandhi offered the help of 1000 buses to transport the devastated migrant workers at the border of the state. Yogi government accepted the offer after Priyanka’s insistence on buses being ready at the border of the state. However, the UP government also asked Priyanka Gandhi’s office for the details of 1000 buses, with bus numbers and name of their drivers.

Yogi government today accused the Congress party of “scam” saying that many numbers given in the list of buses by Priyanka’s office belong to two-wheelers and small vehicles.

After the Congress Unit Chief was picked by UP police, the official Twitter page of the party posted the video of him being towed by police. Congress said, “UP BJP government and CM Ajay Singh Bisht have crossed all the limits of their egos. Arresting UP Congress chief will not break our resolve. Listen carefully, the labourers will go back to their homes.”

Ajay Kumar Lallu allegedly staged a dharna at the Uncha Nagla border in the Taj City to protest against the refusal of the UP police to allow buses commissioned by the Congress party to move forward.

Priyanka Gandhi, while responding to the UP government’s allegations of only 879 buses found out of 1049 numbers given by her party, said, “Uttar Pradesh government has itself given a statement that out of our 1049 buses, they have found 879 to be right. Your administration has stopped more than 500 buses of ours at Uncha Nagla border for hours. There are more than 300 buses waiting here at the Delhi border. Let at least these 879 buses function.”

“We’ll make a new list of 200 buses available for you tomorrow and arrange those buses. You can check this list as well. People are suffering. They are pained. We can’t wait any longer,” Priyanka further added.




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