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Congress is working on a counter-narrative to defeat the BJP in 2019: Milind Deora

“The honeymoon period is over and the government is being judged on the same parameters as any other government before…When the narrative starts to change, one way to deflect attention is to attack the opposition”

MUMBAI: Congress needs to stitch together into an alliance that will not only help it win the elections but work on a long-term basis too, Congress leader Milind Deora said this while talking about Congress approach to defeat the BJP in the upcoming election.

The former Union minister criticised the Narendra Modi government, saying it has failed on multiple counts, like the economic front, the social front as well as in the foreign policy arena.

“We have to tell the people that if you are upset and if you are disappointed and feel let down by the policies of last four years (of the Modi government), why you should vote for us,” he told PTI.

“We have to come up with a counter-narrative to the BJP and Narendra Modi,” Deora added.

He highlighted that the Congress party needs to provide “a very clear narrative”, socially and economically.

Deora further added that “Socially it is clear what we stand for. Economically, it is very critical that we come with a blueprint of what is our agenda of going forward and that is something which is happening”.

Regarding the coalition aspect, Deora said, “We have to think long-term as a party. We can’t just think of winning elections or defeating the BJP. We also have to think who are our partners, who want to govern, who will work with us.”

While expressing his concern over the aspect needed for the “right narrative”, he said it will include elements like “What is the team which will come to power, what will it look like, who are the people, what will be the economic plan, how will we help the poor and the downtrodden, how will we help growth and industry, how will we encourage investment and jobs.

“The people have given the government a chance. And on multiple fronts — economic front, social front, and foreign policy front — there have been failures, some serious, some not so serious failures,” the Congress leader said.

In the 2014 elections, the Congress had won only 44 out of the 543 Lok Sabha seats after ruling the country for two successive terms of five years (2004-2014).

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