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“Dear Rajinikanth, read Mahabharata again”, responds Congress

Chennai | Tamil Nadu Congress Committee President K S Alagiri reacted to Rajinikanth’s controversial comments and said he did not expect such a reaction from him, and was surprised by it.

States including those in the North East enjoyed special privileges like Kashmir did (previously), he said in a statement and wondered why they were not scrapped by the Centre.

He claimed that BJP government targeted Kashmir because of its Muslim majority.

The Congress leader demanded if the actor supported the “one kind of justice for Kashmir and another for other states,” policy of Shah.

“How can those who snatched away the rights of crores of people could be Krishna and Arjuna? dear Mr Rajinikanth, please read Mahabharat again, please go through it again properly,” he added.

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On Sunday, superstar-turned politician Rajinikanth had congratulated Prime Minister Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah for the abrogation of Article 370.

“Amit Shah and Modi ji is like Krishna-Arjuna combo. They only know who is whom. I’m wishing good luck to you and good luck to the country through you”, he had said.

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