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Rahul Gandhi slams UP CM Adityanath on journalist arrests, says he’s “behaving foolishly”

New Delhi | Congress Chief Rahul Gandhi has condemned the arrest of Delhi journalist Prashant Kanojia for sharing a post about Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath.

He shared a Congress’ Twitter handle post which also criticised the arrests.

He accused Yogi Adityanath of “behaving foolishly” and said that if every journalist who speaks out on him or engages in propaganda is arrested, there would be a newspaper staff shortage.

The Wayanad MP wrote on Twitter, “If every journalist who files a false report or peddles fake, vicious RSS/BJP sponsored propaganda about me is put in jail, most newspapers/ news channels would face a severe staff shortage. The UP CM is behaving foolishly & needs to release the arrested journalists”.

Earlier this week, a journalist named Prashant Kanojia and two channel heads were arrested for posting “objectionable” content of UP CM Adityanath.

The UP government has faced a lot of disapproval for this action.

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