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Watch: After zeros in 5 trillion, Sambit Patra Couldn’t tell the Fullform of COVID-19

BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra was asked about the full form of COVID-19 by Congress spokesperson in a discussion on coronavirus, which he could not answer.

New Delhi| During a discussion on coronavirus, Congress spokesperson Rohan Gupta asked Sambit Patra to tell the audience what Covid-19, the disease caused by the novel coronavirus, stands for, because “he is a doctor by profession”.

ABP News anchor Romana Isar Khan accused the Congress spokesperson of “taking a general knowledge test”. She asked Gupta, “Is this how you will save the country?”


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A similar incident had taken place in September 2019 as well, where Patra could not tell how many zeros are there in 5 trillion when asked by a congress leader.

India has reported 149 coronavirus cases and three deaths. With the new cases, there are now 42 cases in Maharashtra, the highest in the country.

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