WB Assembly Passes Resolution Condemning Nupur Sharma’s Remark On Prophet Muhammed


Kolkata: The Bengal Assembly passed a resolution condemning BJP leader Nupur Sharma’s remarks on the Prophet Muhammad on Monday. Leaders from the opposition’s Bharatiya Janata Party staged a walkout when the state government passed a resolution condemning Sharma’s remarks on the Prophet Muhammed.

This comes just four days after the suspension of seven BJP MLAs, including LOP (Leader of opposition ) Suvendu Adhikari and chief Manoj Tigga from the West Bengal legislative assembly. The suspension has now been reversed.

The BJP leaders, led by Suvendhu Adhikari, began to protest when West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee was addressing the Assembly.

“We took action when there was violence in the state. But how come this lady (Nupur Sharma) is still not arrested? I know she will not be arrested. She has sought time from Kolkata Police for four weeks. She was to appear before the police today,” CM Mamta Banerjee said.

Nupur Sharma has requested a four-week extension to appear before the Kolkata Police owing to alleged threats against her life over her controversial remarks on Prophet Muhammed during a live TV debate.

Ms Banerjee further said that the BJP practices politics of provocation and hatred.

“BJP is not addressing the main issue of unemployment. The BJP is trying to create its cadre through Agnipath. We salute the Army men. They will work in defense and learn the skill of using arms during their training. Then, after 4 years, they will just be left out,” The TMC supremo added.

In reference to the government’s job promises, Ms Banerjee said, “They talk of 17,000 jobs. When will this happen? We can give these many jobs, we don’t have to bow down in front of you.”

The CM also slammed former party member Suvendu Adhikari and said, “Mandarmoni is now Dadamoni. Dadomoni (Suvendu) has snatched jobs of people of Purulia and given jobs to people of Midnapore. This has to be investigated.”

A massive outrage erupted when Sharma, who was then a spokesperson for the ruling BJP, made controversial remarks on the Prophet Muhammed in a TV debate. Many Islamic countries, including Qatar, Pakistan, and Afghanistan, slammed India over the comments. She was later suspended from the party. Her remarks also triggered violent protests in several parts of the country.

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