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Alwar Lynching: Who’s responsible for Akbar Khan’s death?

The police from Alwar took more than 3 hours to reach the nearest hospital, while taking a critically injured victim of lynching, Akbar Khan, in Ramgarh, Rajasthan on saturday. As the police first preferred to relocate the cows recovered and were taken to its shelter which was 10 kmns away from the incident. Where as the Community health centre was just 6kmns away. The Rajasthan police is now under severe criticism in the manner in which the department handled the Alwar Mob Lynching case. The seriousness of the gov towards the increasing mob lynching cases was assessed the by the statement of the Union Minister from Rajasthan Arjun Ram Meghwal, who says, “this isnt a single incident. You have to trace this back in history. what happened with Sikhs in 1984 was the biggest mob lynching of this nations’s history.” Seriously? is this even the time to play the “blame game” when the highest judicial body has directed the government to take strict action against this increasing cases of lynching in the name of just “rumours”? A man was beaten up, he was left to die, the state police deemed it for it gave its first priority to the cows, had a cup of tea and snacks on the way and then 3 hours later admitted the victim to the hospital which was just 20 mins away, where he was declared dead. So one wonders. who killed Akhbar khan ? the mob or the state

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