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Bengaluru techie combats potholes with personal initiative

In a remarkable display of determination and frustration towards government inaction, Arif Mudgal, a 32-year-old IT professional hailing from Bengaluru, has taken a bold and unconventional approach to tackle the persistent issue of potholes. Driven by frustration over the authorities’ dull response, Mudgal reportedly secured a loan to finance a grassroots initiative aimed at fixing potholes in his locality. Mudgal’s decision was spurred by witnessing two distressing accidents on Hosa Road, incidents that struck a deep chord within him. “”A woman living near my apartment suffered injuries when the auto-rickshaw she was in toppled due to a pothole on Hosa Road,”” Mudgal recounted, his voice heavy with concern. Another poignant incident involved a delivery agent who collided with a car while trying to evade the same treacherous pothole on the night of August 14, resulting in a fractured leg. “”I later learned he is the sole breadwinner for his nine-member family from Mandya. This deeply moved me,”” Mudgal shared, his empathy palpable. Founder of the ‘Citizens Group, East Bengaluru,’ Mudgal took it upon himself to initiate the ‘NoDevelopmentNoTax’ campaignā€”an audacious call to action urging residents to boycott property tax payments as a form of protest against the administration’s inaction. The movement swiftly gained momentum as group members pooled resources to repair potholes along a 6-kilometer stretch encompassing Halanayakanahalli, Muneshwara Layout, and Choodasandra. Established half a decade ago, the ‘Citizens Group, East Bengaluru,’ composed of like-minded individuals, had previously orchestrated modest repairs for certain potholes. However, financial constraints necessitated Mudgal’s decision to secure a loan for this recent and more ambitious endeavor. Mithilesh Kumar, another member of the group, shared their collective frustration, revealing the repeated attempts to engage local representatives in discussions about improved roads, proper drainage systems, and other essential civic amenitiesā€”all met with resounding silence. Fueled by this perceived neglect, the group rallied behind the ‘NoDevelopmentNoTax’ campaign, which found a platform on the social media network X (formerly Twitter) under the aforementioned hashtag. The campaign has garnered heartening responses from the public, underscoring the growing frustration amongst Bengaluru’s residents, who perceive their concerns to be falling on deaf ears. While some netizens advised against the tax boycott, suggesting instead that taxes be paid and subsequently utilized to demand improved civic amenities from the government, the diversity of opinions underscores the multifaceted nature of this challengeā€”striking a balance between wielding collective power and engaging with authorities constructively. The ‘NoDevelopmentNoTax’ movement serves as a poignant testament to citizens harnessing collective action to demand accountability and drive change from their representatives. Arif Mudgal’s unwavering dedication has shed light on a shared sentimentā€” the urgent need for swift and effective solutions to the everyday hardships faced by communities. As the movement gathers momentum, the looming question remains: how will the government respond to this grassroots clarion call, and will Mudgal’s unconventional approach pave the way for lasting improvements in Bengaluru’s infrastructure? In a city where potholes have become emblematic of frustration and negligence, Mudgal’s tenacity serves as a poignant reminder that individuals possess the power to effect change, even when met with bureaucratic inertia. The continued evolution of the ‘NoDevelopmentNoTax’ movement serves as a beacon of hope, representing citizens’ resilience and determination to advocate for a safer, more livable Bengaluru.

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