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BJP for Hindus, Congress for Muslims. Wonder who’s for Indians?

As a channel we have always been critical about religion being used to win votes.. we were critical when a hindu Yogi was made a CM and we also spoke about political parties like AIMIM who asked people’s vote in name of a religion. Today we talk about another case, we talk about Moh Azharuddin. And Now..after Muradabad UP, then Rajasthan Tonk Sawai now..this.. he was picked up as the Congress President of Telangana unit and guess .why?? because he is a muslim.. The sitting president Mr N Uttam Reddy, who has been working in telangana for his entire life was sidelined and Azharuddin was made the working president.. because Congress decided to woo the muslim in Telnagana just for sake of votes. Shame on Congress.. and Sad for India where political parties like BJP claims to be working for the hindus, Congress claims to be working for the Muslims. We wonder who will work for us Indians!

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