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Five Bizarre Logics Given By People For PM Modi’s Apeal To Light Lamps

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday addressed the nation. He praised the citizens first for making Janta Curfew successful. he said that since all Indians clanged utensils and clapped to thank the healthcare workers the same trend is being followed by other countries. He then requested all Indians to come out in their balconies, come out of their homes and light a candle Diya or flashlight of mobile to give out a message of solidarity. He said on 5th April at 9 PM for 9 minutes, Indians may switch off the lights and light the candles.
Well, PM Modi said that it is to show solidarity but soon after several overenthusiastic people started giving out a bizarre logic for the move. The WhatsApp messages started doing rounds explaining the math and astrological explanation for the move.
We are showing you a list of such bizarre logics that people tried to give for this activity. So that if you spot such posts in your WhatsApp group you can call out the superstitions.
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