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Gaya village awaits well-constructed road even after 75 years of independence

India has entered is in its 75th year of independence. The country saw many changes during these 75 years. India began its journey from a bullock cart and is moving towards the bullet train. While there are places which are fast-moving towards development, the But there are also such villages in the country. Where the paved road were something that the villagers only dreamt of since independence. Many governments have come and gone in the last 7 decades, but no one paid any attention to it. We are talking about Gaya district of Bihar. In some of the Naxalite affected areas, there has not been a paved road since independence. When the government came to know about the situation, the construction work of the road was started. But now the radical Maoists and even the government officials are obstructing the construction work. #Bihar #Gaya #NitishKumar

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