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Kerala Flood: Death toll jumped to 324. Modi announced interim relief aid of Rs 500 crore

The death toll in the flood-hit Kerala has jumped to 324. And in the last 10 days of floods, the death toll has nearly become three times more in the last 24 hours. Prime Minister Narendra Modi had arrived in Kochi last night to undertake a survey of flood-hit areas. Prime Minister Modi was accompanied by Kerala Chief Minister Vijayan during the aerial survey. After consultation with chief minister, Narendra Modi announced an interim relief aid of Rs 500 crore. The entire procedure has certainly killed a lot of valuable time and has taken a toll on the innumerous lives that could have otherwise been saved had this procedure would be paced up. There is no doubt on the contribution from the Centre but it was really late and the kind of loss of human lives and infrastructure has been suffered by Kerela, providing relief funds on time had to be the main priority for them..Anusha Bhattacharya gives more insights

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