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All you need to know about National Register of Citizens (NRC) of Assam

The National Register of Citizen is a list prepared by the government of India to separate illegal immigrants from legitimate citizens of Assam. According to officials, approximately 40 lakh people did not make it to the final list. The demand for updating the NRC in Assam is long-standing. Since the NDA brought citizenship amendment bill in 2016, the demand for the updated NRC started gaining ground once again and this time it is going more aggressively. One can check their names online nrcassam. nic.in, www.assam.mygov.in, www.assam.gov.in, www.homeandpolitical.assam.gov.in, www.draftnrcassam.com, www.nrcdrafts.com, www.draftnrc.com, www.assamnrcdraft.com, www.nrcassamhearing.in. or you can call 24*7 toll free number from Assam and 18003453762 to know more details in the NRC draft. Unfortunately there are still very little clarity from the state or central government about what will happen to the illegal immigrants. Will the government deport them or not? and also what will happen to those who have voter ID cards but not named in the NRC list. Anusha Bhattacharya gives more insights.


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