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Did politicians kill River Ganga’s son GD Agarwal?

Sadly Martyr Agarwal, who was also known as the Son Of Ganga, did not receive any sort of acknowledgment from the Government. When BJP came(BJP) to power in 2014, they made big promises, launched projects like Namami Ganga, had also allotted Rs 20,000 crore ensuring clean Ganga by 2019. But seems like the government has done very little. Obviously, not satisfied with Centre’s work, the environmentalist stopped drinking water as a way of his protest. And insisted that he will continue to fast until the act was implemented. This was the fifth such fast he had done against development projects that are polluting our Ganga. He had put his entire life on stake to protect our natural resources. His death is a sad reminder to us of how much was promised and how little has been done

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