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In a series of distressing incidents, the Mumbai-Ahmedabad national highway has recently emerged as a treacherous terrain marred by potholes, posing grave risks to commuters. Two separate accidents on this route have once again highlighted the urgent need for improved infrastructure and safety measures. Despite years of mounting accidents and human casualties, the situation remains largely unchanged, prompting concerns about the lack of timely intervention and accountability. On a fateful evening, the Mumbai-Ahmedabad national highway witnessed two harrowing accidents. In the first incident, an SUV lost control and turned a turtle on the Vaitarna River bridge due to attempts to navigate around potholes. Subsequently, another SUV traveling toward Gujarat collided with a container while attempting to avoid a pothole on the same bridge. Fortunately, the occupants of both vehicles sustained minor injuries. These incidents, while not resulting in fatalities, underscore the dire risks potholes pose to road safety. Tragically, not all encounters with these perilous road hazards have ended so fortunately. A 27-year-old woman, riding a pillion on a motorbike, met a grim fate when she fell from the vehicle on a potholed stretch of the Mumbai-Ahmedabad national highway at Naigaon. Despite efforts to save her, she succumbed to her injuries days later. Her brother-in-law, who was operating the motorbike, attributed the accident to the treacherous condition of the road. Such incidents highlight how seemingly harmless potholes can transform into lethal traps, leading to catastrophic consequences. The sorry state of the highway has been evident throughout the monsoon season, with potholes proliferating along its stretches. An NGO took a proactive step to draw attention to this peril by organizing an exhibition featuring photographs of around 20 potholes on the highway, spanning from the Varsova Creek bridge to Bapane in Naigaon. This public outcry underscores the urgency of addressing the issue, particularly with the Ganesh Chaturthi festival approaching. The disturbing trend of accidents caused by potholes casts a shadow of concern over the current state of infrastructure management and road safety in the region. Despite the repeated occurrences of accidents and casualties, the response from authorities has been inadequate at best. This negligence not only endangers commuters’ lives but also raises questions about the commitment of responsible bodies to ensuring road safety. The predicament of potholes presents a clear and present danger to everyone using the Mumbai-Ahmedabad national highway. These craters not only mar the road’s aesthetics but also jeopardize lives and livelihoods. Swift and effective measures must be undertaken to address this pressing issue. Pothole repair and road maintenance should be prioritized, coupled with long-term strategies to prevent their recurrence. The deployment of advanced technology and materials, as well as improved oversight and accountability, can contribute to building safer roadways. The Mumbai-Ahmedabad national highway’s pothole problem is far from trivial—it is a matter of life and death. The recent accidents, including near misses and tragic losses, should serve as a wake-up call for immediate action. The safety of commuters demands that authorities, NGOs, and communities come together to effect lasting change. Only through collective effort and determination can the perilous potholes be transformed from clandestine deathtraps into safe passages, ensuring the protection of every life that traverses these roads.

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