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Will ‘Oil War’ affect India-US relationship?

Prime Minister narendra modi, in his first few years in office, when he cited his naseeb, his luck, was the reason why the oil prices had fallen to tremendous low, and helping India balance its current account deficit, well it seems like the Modi’s naseeb has changed and has taken a roller-coaster ride. The oil prices, which were as low as $43 a barrel in 2015, are now above $80 and the rates are going above $100 a barrel again. Now the irony of the whole matter is our 56-inches chest PM is possibly intimidated by the unites States sanctions on Iran. Iran, on the other hand is not only willing to give oil at a lower price,, but also willing to give it in Indian currency and with a 90 days credit line. accepting this offer would mean, that, the oil prices in our country will come crashing down and our country can pay less with more flexible payment terms.. But seems like the PM is scared to offend the Americans. So finally we common Indians will have to bare the brunt..

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