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#Elections2019: What is the mood in Odisha

As we get close to the second phase of polling for Lok Sabha elections, the campaign battles are getting intense. 91 constituencies already voted and now in the second phase 97 constituencies will be voting. One of the states that will vote in the second phase is Odisha. Odisha is voting simultaneously for both, assembly elections and Lok Sabha elections. As it is observed, most of the times during simultaneous elections people tend to vote the same party, thus, we can expect that assembly result might reflect in lok Sabha results as well.
In Odisha, we can expect a tri-cornered fight. The state has been ruled by BJD chief Naveen Patnaik since 2004. that is more than 15 years now. If you look at last loksabha election result, which we will talk about shortly, the BJD stands tall. However, this time, BJP is aggressively trying to make inroads. Earlier, there were reports that PM Modi may contest from puri lok sabha seat. However, sambit patra is contesting from the seat now. Roping in people like Jay Panda from BJD can also benefit the BJP. Whereas, naveen patnaik is trying to save and protect his political fortress. Let us have a look at the statistics. #Odisha #Elections2019 #NaveenPatnaik

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