“India Looks A Lot Like Sri Lanka”: Rahul Gandhi On Indian Economy

New Delhi: Congress Leader Rahul Gandhi compared India to crisis-hit Sri Lanka. He criticized the state of the economy. He tweeted graphs of the two countries which appeared similar when it came to unemployment, fuel prices and communal violence.

“Distracting people won’t change the facts. India looks a lot like Sri Lanka,” the tweet was captioned. 

The graph showed unemployment rising from 2017 in both countries, peaking around 2020, and dipping slightly the next year. 2020 was the year in which pandemic hit India.

The second pair of graphs compares petrol prices in India and Sri Lanka, on the rise since 2017 and soaring around 2021.

The third set of graph explains that communal violence rose sharply in 2020-21 in both countries.

The Armed Conflict Location and Event Data Project, Lok Sabha unstarred questions, CMIE, Petroleum Planning and Analysis Cell, Central Bank of Sri Lanka, and CEYPETCO are credited with the data (Ceylon Petroleum Corporation).

Sri Lanka is struggling with acute food and electricity shortages. Sri Lanka is in neck-deep in recession attributed to foreign exchange shortages caused by a clampdown on tourism during Covid.

The unprecedented economic crisis has led to a critical shortage of foreign exchange in the country.

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